[story] I’m In Love Episode 14

[story] I’m In Love Episode 14

[story] I'm In Love Episode 14

A Story Written By Tycoon

Lina:- Great,so come and open the gate, I’m waiting for you outside

Myself:- what!!!!!….**i shouted in surprise

Lina:- you’re surprised right? ***She said jokingly***

Myself:-I’m coming,don’t move an inch,i mean don’t come in ooo ***i said with phobia***

Within a flash,i ran out of the room like a horse heading to the gate with only my nicker on me.

But on seeing the figure in from of me,Mehn my heart melted…..Lina was as beautiful as ever but I quickly waved that away from my brain and immediately crushed her with questions…

“What have you come to do again?”I asked with a total surprise

“What have I come to do again in my boo…. Oh sorry in my friend’s house”She immediately cautioned herself

“***i sighed on getting that message*** okay no problem” i said with the phobia still burning in me

“won’t you usher me in?”She said with a little bit anxious

“not only usher you will see Michael Jackson”I snapped at her raising my eyebrow at her still in front of the gate

“Abeg, make way for me jhur”she said as she pushed me away from the way

“oh my goodness,Lina Lina,wait wait” I shouted as I kept on running behind her but before I could meet her,she Is already inside the house

On getting inside,Niniola could recognize her from afar

“wow!!!! She’s here at last”Nilly shouted happily as she ran to give her a tight hug

My sister is just an extrovert,because when she likes someone, that’s all

“I told you that I will make it here today”Lina replied her after receiving a friendly hug from her

“You can have your sit,while I go to the bar to entertain you with drinks”my sister who is an extrovert said happily

***Now I know verily the main reason why Lina’s visit was a surprise to me,so it was my sister who gave her the description of our house,WTF!!!**I thought angrily at first but after that,i became happy because at least I saw the love of my life

“wait how did you make your way to this place” I asked for assurance as I saw her on the couch watching the TV after Nilly went out of the dining room

“Please I didn’t come here because of you ooo because you didn’t invite me here ,and as you can it was her (pointing to Nilly’s direction) that invited me to come over,Okay?”She said angrily at me

****i sighed****

“But I’m talking to you,i expect a direct answer from you”i said as I stood at her front

“Pen,please don’t talk to me,at least the last time I called you,you raised your voice at me so please let me be”she said angrily as she waved her hands on air

On seeing this,i foresee that I’m the one at fault so I have no option than to apologise

“Lina, I’m sorry,i don’t mean to do that please dear”i said kneeling down in front of her

“please don’t embarrass me here today oo, how do you want your sister to feel if she sees you like this Pen”she said with a surprised look

“let her meet me like ……”

“Sister,here is your drink”Niniola said as she was coming with a bottle of wine

As I noticed her footstep approaching,i just bend down to pretend as if I was searching for something that is not missing

“Big bro,what are you searching for?”Nilly said jokingly because I guess she overheard our discussion

“It just an ant but I have killed it sha”i lied

“well no problem,(she faces Lina) Aunty hope the drink taste good?”She said as she sat down beside Lina

“Thank you very much”Lina responded in her ladylike tone

Sooner the two of them started talking,from one thing to one another,they started the gist for about an hour nonstop. When I perceive that seems I get no chance of coming in I have no chance than to go into my room and lock myself up

While chatting on my whatsapp,a message just popped up from Lina saying “You better come and meet me downstairs because I’m about to leave”

**Leave ke? Nibo?? ** I thought as I hurriedly got out from the bed running towards the dining room …….

(To Be Continued)

Obscure Words

Extrovert:- Sociable

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