[story] I’m In Love Episode 11

[story] I’m In Love Episode 11

[story] I'm In Love Episode 11

A Story Written By Tycoon

“Then the time is now to *let the cat out of the bag*” I said with a defiant look evenly spread on my face

“That will be better guy,because I think you should tell her your mind before it is too late”Ekony said as he began to wander around the room in search of food

“Ehn Ehn, did you help me to check your GP”i asked ekony

“funny you,who will take the lead if not you Pen”He said jokingly as he brought out his long awaiting pot of rice

“**Smiles** bahd guy” I said with a little smile on my face

“So pen,we are all going to the lover’s garden tonight,would you mind coming with us,you know that you always form Holy holy pikin”Ekony said as he was already devouring the rice

“no I’m not,Lina called me that we should go to zoo” I said as I was dialing her number on my phone

“*****laughs**** zoo ke?”Ekony said as the rice almost poured out from his mouth

“Yes now,anything wrong with that?”I asked with a frown face

“oh no,i’m just trying to Imagine that how you and Lina will go to the zoo, to do what? “Ekony asked rhetorically

“well no you sabi”i said as I kept on dialing her number

“is that not her number you’re trying to dial

***(The door opens as Daniel enters) *****

“yes now,(faces Daniel),abeg guy, you get airtime on your phone? “I asked Daniel immediately he entered

“ahaha,wetin you no wan let person enter first ni?”Daniel snaps at me with a cold look

“I wonder oo, just because he wanted to call a *bae*,na him dey make him shiver like this

“Ngbo,who is that bae you want to call with my call card”Daniel asked as he joined Ekony in his operation of the fried rice

“Don’t mind Ekun jare,he’s never serious jare”I said jokingly

“okay but tell me who you wanted to call before I will give you my phone”Daniel said with his face showing that he’s becoming too serious

“shebi it’s Lina I wanna call” I said as I reached my hands to borrow his phone

“If it is Lina I can’t give you my phone man”Daniel said with an angry look

“you taking this thing personal now, why can’t you borrow him your phone at least what are we friends for”Ekony said angrily at him

“I just can’t give him and that’s all”Daniel said as he wanted to make way through the door but Ekony quickly drop his food and Cross him at the door

“Dan, I’m suspecting you,why don’t you want to borrow him your phone”he said as it shows that his temperament began to rise

“Ekun,will you allow me to pass or I blow you off,is it by force,i said that I’m not giving him my mobile phone “Daniel said angrily

“Ekun,leave him alone let him go” I said to Ekony showing that I’m trying to show peace

“no I will not”Ekony said as he dragged the phone with Daniel, in the process the phone dropped and I tried to make the call as soon as possible. As I began to dial the digits 07035231*** into the phone,i noticed that the phone has already brought out that number and the name *My Baby*

Immediately I saw this,my heart sank into my shoes,I was vibrating without moving

***wait ooooo,could it be what I am thinking,is Lina and Daniel having something together****

“whaaatt”i shouted as I saw Lina’s picture on Daniel’s Phone

“what is that”Ekony rushed at me loosing himself away from Daniel captivity

“come and have a look” I said as I showed Ekony what I saw on his(Daniel) phone

“Whaaat,Daniel!!!!”Ekony shouted as he was facing Daniel who was standing like a small baby of eight years old that bed wetted

*****So Lina doesn’t love me at all,or does she? I can’t believe that this is coming from one of my best friends,Daniel for that matter,How Cruel has life been to me from the minute I knew what was happening. So Daniel and Lina had been dating each other without my consent since all these days****I began to think

But Now Should I say that it was my fault for not telling her my mind on time or the fault of my friends for betraying me……

(To Be Continued)

Obscure Words:-

Bae:- a literal word used for calling a beautiful lady

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