[story] I’m In Love Episode 10

[story] I’m In Love Episode 10


[story] I'm In Love Episode 10



A Story Written By Tycoon

****Sighed**** I guess I’m in Love……

When I felt that I can’t grab anything into my head again,i had no choice than to jump on the bed waiting for *nature* to take place


After two weeks,our exams are almost over with the general paper as the last one,in the scorching hot sun, I can see Lina waiting for me under the tree beside the exam hall

“what keeps you late” she replied with a little frown on her face after standing up to meet me

“I’m sorry dear,initially i was waiting for My friends so that we can go together” I said with a little smile on my face

“and you did not know that you are keeping somebody waiting here all day long” she said angrily

“I’m sorry now,even I…. (before I could finish my speech,Ekony and Daniel bumped at us)

“Pen-brain let go home”Ekony said without even looking at Lina’s side

“Ahaha guys I think that I have begged you not to be angry with her(i pointed to Lina)

“Guys,ok OK OK, I’m so sorry for the other day’s incident”Lina said with a lady’s smile on her face

“hmm, now you know how to apologize abi?”Daniel said raising his eyebrow

“OK ***She laughs***,above all guys I’m sorry”She said showing all her *36s* as she spread her eyes wide in air

“hmm, well I believe that you guys have forgiven her at least”i said giving Ekony and Daniel a friendly punch

“well, no problem,that’s over,Lina should we go over to your hostel because I’m hungry like Lion”Ekony said jokingly

“Ahaah,just like that,”I said with amazement gesture

“abi what else, since she has pleaded,then she needed to be forgiven”Daniel said smiling

That one thing I like about Ekony,no matter how angry he is at someone,if that person can beg him, surely he would forgive that person

“so how was Your Own papers?”Ekony started the conversation which made us all join him

Like play like play, we all went to Lina’s hostel on that day, she served us with some local dishes

“mehn this girl is a good cook I swear”Daniel said after rolling down a bolus of fufu into his mouth

“Yeah Dan, you’re absolutely right” Ekony said in support

“ohr see them,thief,you said you no like someone,yet you ate her food”i said mockingly

“Na you sabi,at least we’ve settle it amicably”Ekony said with a smile on his face

“Guys,are you okay with that food,does it taste good?”Lina asked as she came to pack the dishes

“Pen,this girl must not slip away from your hand ooo”Daniel whispered in silence

“*** I raised eyebrow at him***

“ohh, I’m sorry”Daniel said in understanding the signal

“Pen na true ooo”Ekony said without care

“shhhh, when we get to the hostel we shall talk about that,not here” I snapped at them


Right from that moment,i had loved Lina more than anybody in my life except my Mum.

Lina had every quality a guy want from a lady but this fear kept on coming to mind

***What will be her response if I tell her my mind, but I just can’t withstand it seeing another guy standing beside her**** I thought for a while in my room

***The door opens****

“Omo I Don check my GP ooo”Ekony smiled in as he saw his grade point

****No reply*****

“Pen!! No be you I dry talk to?”Ekony shouted as he gave me a hot lash

“Ehn Ehn, she’s back?”I jerked

“what were you thinking?”Ekony said as he sat down beside me

“Nothing man, so how was the result,what was my point?”I asked him as I stood up from the bed and sat up right again

“Ahaah,you’re funny, who will be the first in the department if not you?”Ekony said with an unnoticeable smile

“well I thank *GOD*” I said but still thinking

“Are you not happy,pen what’s wrong with you,you never look depressed like this before”Ekony asked as he paid attention to me

“***Sighed***”Ekony,this feeling is killing me,i kept loving this girl”I said pouring out my mind to him

“wait oo,is it not Lina?”Ekony asked

“yes,i love this girl with all my heart and soul,i just can’t resist her but I don’t have the courage to go and tell her” i said lamenting

“Man, this girl loves you now, you better grab your opportunity now or never”Ekony said with a warning look on his face

“Then I think the time is now to *let the cat out of the Bag*” I said with a defiant look………

(To Be Continued)

Obscure Words:-

let the cat out of the Bag:- to tell the bitter truth

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