[story] Corper Grace Episode 12

[story] Corper Grace Episode 12


[story] Corper Grace Episode 12


Few seconds later, we let go of each other bid our self goodnight, she returned to their apartment while I walked home.


On getting closer to our street I bumped into a someone and we were like:


Boy: oga blind in?


Me: am sorry ***recalling the familiar voice ***Ben!!!


Ben: ha !!! Tk na you? ***off course that’s what he calls me Tk a kind of short form of my native name Tochukwu***


Me: yes oh, where you dey go nah?


Ben: na you I come find so oh


Me: say wetin happen?


Ben: I think say the girl don f–k you until you no fit stand up so I come carry you go house.


Me***laughs ***seriously, you no well, what made you think i had sex with her?


Ben:what do you take me for? I knew her parents were out of town and I also knew that nothing would keep you in her apartment up to this time.


Me: ***smiled *** my friend, you are totally wrong*** i said trying to form “pastor”


Ben: oga, reason me your phone a beg I wan download “Assurance” by Davido, I no get time to argue with you.


Me: oya na no problem ***handed my phone over to him*** but stop been negative am not a bad boy like you that sleeps around with young girl with any slightest opportunity you have


Ben: alright I have heard you, but don’t think you can lie to me any how because I will always catch you.


Me: ***smiled ***so where are we heading to?


Ben: you no go enter house first?


Me: I don’t think I have any important thing to do at home now except from having shower which I can also do in your place


Ben: hmmm, let’s go then.**************


And off we went and few minutes later, I found myself dressing up in Ben’s room while Ben sat on the bed busy with the phone and few minutes later, he asked “are you done?”


Me: Yeah


Ben: let’s go to your house and then head to a cool place thereafter where you will tell me every thing that happened while you were with Rose.


Me: OK, let’s go but mind you, nothing much happened


Ben: you will explain later, you think I didn’t see you? **********************************


In no time, we were at our usual joint few meters from Royal photo studio we normally stay there due to the fact that it is not noisy. After we took our sit the following conversations occurred;


Me: how far where the music wey you download? ***deliberately changed the topic***


Ben***immediately played the audio from his phone***


Me:***after some minutes*** the song take style make sense


Ben: Davido na senior man.


Me: Ben, bad Bishop, any new catch from those choir girls?


Ben: what do you want me to tell you when you are denying making out with Rose even though I saw everything.


Me: meaning?


Ben: After you told me on Whatsapp that you are in Rose’s house, I waited for 15 minutes without seeing so I decided to check on you and unfortunately you guys didn’t lock the gate so I quietly entered and from a noticeable distance, I could hear her loud moans.


Me: chaiii, mogbe!!!


Ben:***laughs out loud*** I quietly left there so that you could have a nice time and you here trying to form omo pastor. Idiot.


Me:***laughs*** sorry na I never knew you came nah


Ben: so if never came you wouldn’t tell me abi?


Me: ***smiled*** why won’t I tell you. I was about to tell you before you opened up.


Ben: ***smiled*** now you are talking, how did it all happen? *********************


Our conversation lasted for more two hours of which I told him everything he wanted to hear as he kept asking me whether I charmed the girl. We also discussed several other things ranging from; his numerous girlfriends, music, cars, P. S2, and of course, football. I headed home afterwards.


About an hour later, I found myself on my bed but not really sleeping even though it’s some minutes past ten.


I was about calling my dearest Grace when my phone rang and I was surprised to see the caller it was Rose…


“”Hello dearest” she said sweetly from the other line as soon as I picked up.


“What’s up babe?” I replied with a smile


Rose: nothing much dear, just that am missing you badly


Me:***smiled*** like seriously?


Rose: oh yeah


Me: so what actually are you missing about me?


Rose:***laughs a little*** I miss every bit of you especially your intoxicating action in between my legs.


Me: ***smiled*** funny you. So you are this bad?


Rose:***laughed out softly*** not really, but honestly, I never knew you are this great in bed.


Me; ***blushed*** Am I?


Rose; oh yes you are. You’ve got that great bedroom skills and no girl would like to let you go after having a taste of you.


Me:***laughs out softly*** am blushing.


Rose:****laughs also*** you really got me craving for more. You know what?


Me: what is it dear?


Rose: As I was just imagining the intoxicating action of your dick in my pussy while talking to you…


Me: ehen?


Rose: I have got my panties really wet.


Me:***my dick instantly responded chaiii dis girl really bad oh*** I wish am there with you.


Rose:***lets out a soft moan*** I would have been the happiest girl on earth.


Me:***don’t worry just come online on whatsapp let’s s-x chat.




Me:***smiled*** trust me, you won’t miss me much, cause I will take you to organism in no time.


Rose: ***moans again*** sounds nice, alright then.


Me: yeah***hangs up***


Immediately, I took my headset from where I kept it because I wanted to do two things at a time that is, call Corper Grace and also s-x chat with Rose as planned.


The both girls made my night a wonderful one for sure, both the call and s-x chat lasted for about one hour.


The phone call with Grace was really romantic it also turned into a phone s-x which was the first of its kind since we started dating.


After we were through with all that, I was just on my bed trying to catch some sleep but this time, “You don dey turn bad like me” “na now you go know the joy of having a dick” “guys that stick to one girl are dickless” those are Ben’s word ringing in my head and lastly, “yeah, you just got me craving for more” Rose’s voice also echoed in my ear before I finally slept off.



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