[story] Corper Grace Episode 11

[story] Corper Grace Episode 11


[story] Corper Grace Episode 11


Ready to… die for she concluded as sedutively lowered her full wieght on me and before i knew what was going on, we were both engulfed in hot session of romance sucking and kissing each other hungrily.


Few minutes later i found my hands working wonders on her succulent bossoms and ouch!!! they ware really soft.


I continued squeezing and softly pinching her ni-pl-s while kisssing her i guess she is braless due to the fact that i was manipulating her breast easily as if she was topless even though she was putting on a tight gown as i said earlier.


After about three minutes i found my right hand on her laps runining up wards and down wards ***of course i knew that move was too early but i kinda wanted everthing to happen fast*** so i continued runining my hand on tighs softly as I was scared of moving further because I hate it when am resisted.


After a while gathered some courage and proceeded as I further moved my hands upwards exactly in between her thighs, thank goodness, there was no resistance from her which indicates a go ahead signal for me.


Immediately, my hand found it’s way underneath her gown and to utmost surprise, Rose was pantless!!! Chaiii this girl is super bad! She also ready for this. OMG, she is badly wet.


Soonest, I began running my hand around the walls of her Kitty cat. On tickling her elits, she vibrated as she withdraw her lips from mine that was when I remember that we were still kissing on noticing that, I tickled her clits, once more and let out a soft moan. Finally I instead my finger into her honey pot and began to finger f-ck her while she moaned romantically to the sensation and pleasure she is getting from the action of my fingers.


Few minutes on I increased the number of fingers from one to two and three this really got her high because her moaning tempo and volume increased beyond notice.


“Am coming” she warned in a faint voice some minutes later, and within a short moment, she released her natural juice on my fingers I smiled and said to myself “First mission accomplished”


In no time, my clothes were no where to be found as I was sitted on the sofa while she stood right in front of me completely n*k*d we both smiled at each other then I pulled her closer she immediately sat on my laps facing me. “F**k me please” she pleaded and I hastily inserted my erected dick into her welcoming wet pussy and she let out a soft romantic moan exactly the kind of ones usually done by female porn stars ***winks***


We began the Face-off s-x position as she rode on my “drum stick” while sitting on my laps. Mind you, I was still sitting on the couch.


We both moaned in different tempos until after about seven minutes she cummed again. **************************


Due to the fact that there is no much time on my side I mean, it’s dark already and I had to be on my way I don’t want my Mom to be upset she could organise a search party for my and I don’t really want that to happen.


Few minutes later, after we both took our bath, I obliged her to see me off. On our way I made her understand why I had to go that time because, from her looks I could that she wanted some more but I guess that will be next time.



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