[story] Corper Grace Episode 10

[story] Corper Grace Episode 10


[story] Corper Grace Episode 10


Turning towards the direction of the tap, behold, it was no other person than Rose “hi” she said with smile “what’s up?” I asked smiling also.


Rose: Am good, where are you coming from with bag?


Me: Oh, from football training. *** I lied.*** What about you?


Rose: I went to see a friend


Me: you dey whine me abi? A friend abi boy friend.


Rose:***smiled*** you forget say I be reverend sister?


Me: ***smiled*** make I hear.


Rose: So, where are you heading to?


Me: Home of course and you?


Rose: Like wise me. Emmmm…


Me: What is it?


Rose: I don’t know how it sounds, but I wish, you come home with me so we can pass time together because, it’s so bored at home.


Me: Bored? ***I immediately remembered she is the only child of her parents*** What about your parents?


Rose: They are out town for their respective business trip.

Me: ***checked my time and it’s 6:15 P.M *** Alright, I have about one free hour.


Rose: ***excited*** yeeaah, thanks dear.


Me: You are welcome*************


Three minutes later, we were at the entrance to Rose’s house she opened the gate and I walked In after her. We walked across the compound to the living room. “welcome mr. Emmanuel, to my humble abode” Rose said smiling.


“Thanks “ I replied calmly.


Rose: what should I get for you handsome? ***winks***

Me: ***wetin dey worry dis girl self?*** thanks am okey for now.


Rose: ***smiled*** Am sure you are not talking to me, because I won’t buy that from you. Wetin you go drink? Na me you dey whine?


Me: ***laughs*** you get star?


Rose: ***smiles*** no I get moon. Talk joor.


Me: ***smiled*** you no well. Bring any thing suitable.


Rose: ***smiled*** now you are talking please do have a sit while I go fetch us the drinks.


I sat on one of the sofas, brought out my phone to keep myself busy before she comes and I saw a whatssapp notification from Ben and it reads…

“guy where you dey na?” “I dey for them Rose house” I replied.


Ben: wetin you dey do their?


Me: No worry, if I come back I go gist you.


Ben: no probs.


I immediately, I raised up my head I saw Rose, in the most sexiest dress I have ever seen her in, she was putting on a black tight sleeveless gown that stops at her mid thigh, having about seven openings on the left side from exactly below her arm pit to her mid thigh revealing her radiant skin. Oh my God!!! She was really looking like a night angel. “What is this girl up to?” I asked myself silently. “Why would she have to change her dress?” I kept wondering silently as she was walking seductively towards where I was sitting she smiled as she noticed the way I was busy staring at her.


“Sorry for keeping you dear” she said sweetly as she sat beside me and handed over a can of malt to me out of the two she brought with her. “Thanks dear,” I said innocently.


At once, she turned her face to face mine in a slow motion and all of a sudden our lips gradually began to come in contact like two bodies acting under magnetic force but the said magnetic force was interrupted by a loud sound of Rihanna Diamonds coming out from Rose’s phone I assume it was an incoming call and within a twinkle of an eye she made for her phone to pick her call while I shifted uneasily as I felt a little bit relieved and I was like “what is really happening?.”


From her response on the call I assumed she was speaking with her Dad. My heart beat raced faster as she approached where I was sitting two minutes after she picked the call I couldn’t help to think of what will be her next line of action?


But on getting to where I was seated she calmly sat beside me but this time, she created a noticeable space between us thence started the following conversations;


Rose: so, tell me Emmy, are you in any serious relationship? As in are you dating someone? Sorry for…


ME: You don’t have to ***I interrupted and kept mute as I stared at her intently and finally decided to play a new game*** coming to your question, well, the answer is “No”


Rose: ***smiles*** are you pulling my legs?


ME: No dear, ***looking serious while looking into her eyes*** Ever since you refused to date me few months back, I haven’t been closer than normal to any girl.


Rose: hmmmm, why if I may ask?


ME: maybe it was as a result of one sided Love. Because it took over three months for me to partially recover from the spell that got my heart and soul enchanted to you. I mean, twas after you said no that I realised I Love you more than I taught I did earlier.


Rose: ***blushed*** tell me something



ME: Believe me, that was when I began to see you in my dreams, day dreaming of you became the other of the day in fact, there is no day that I won’t think of you***I said trying to read face as I was hopping she gives in this time***


Rose: hmmmm


ME: ***Chaiii, dis girl wicked oh, I can’t even read her face let alone know whether she is following or not I said to myself*** I tried so hard to get you off my mind but it seams as if the more I try, the more I fall in Love with you.


Rose: ***smiled*** Really?


ME: ***Chaiii, dis girl gree die oh, hmmm but dis one she’s smiling OK oh*** I then decided to ask God to help me forget you since it was obvious you are not into me maybe you could be seeing some other guy.




My heart was pounding profusely as silence took over the room while she stared at me in a way I didn’t understand. (And why won’t my heart beat faster? It was the first time I ever tried toasted a girl face to face.) Some girls can play hard sha.


She than decided to speak up few moments later and she was like;


Rose:***sighs*** Honestly, I don’t know what was wrong with me then but I know deep within me that am madly in love with you but I couldn’t admit it not even to myself because I was scared.


ME: ***excited because she finally gave in*** scared? Of what my dear?


Rose: ***looking serious with love her eyes*** I was scared of heart break, I doubted if you the guy for me but now am no longer doubting and am ready to tell myself the truth, come rain, come shine, you the one my heart longs for and am ready to…


She stood up from where she was sitting and stared at me emotionally as she was standing in front of me while I sat down wondering what will be her next line of action.



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