[story] Adebimpe The Facebook girl 2 Episode 2

Adebimpe The Facebook girl
After segun’s departure, I began to reason and think of why I still loved this girl despite all what she did to me, the more I think of her, the more I was lost in my thoughts.

I couldn’t figure out what really could prompt such feelings. “Could she had jazzed me?”

“Maybe segun was right sha!”

“Abi she truly laced her K—y-Cat?”

“Abi na the waist bead she used?”

“But the judgement was harsh oo”

“But she deserved it na”

“But she is pretty and cute oo”

“What if she was flirting secretly?”

“What if I didn’t find out?”.

“Who knows if she might change?”

“Who know if she had cursed me?”

“How did she get to PH sef?”

“Abi she was killed ni?”

“Maybe she is dead at the moment?”

“Her number no dey go again”

“Even her FB has been dormant”

“But I liked that girl oooo”

“She is really smart sha”

“It takes only smart girl to play game”

I was lost in thoughts and asking myself all sort rhetorical questions and there was no one beside me to provide answers to it.

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I picked my phone to check her profile on my facebook but I couldn’t see her on my friend list and search results.

I tried checking again and the result was still empty. It was then that I remembered that she had blocked me on the same day segun sent her away.

I tried logging in into her account but the screen was showing “incorrect password”.

**chaiii, this girl don change password sha*****

I created another facebook account and searched for her name from my new account and it was displayed, but the account was dormant for the past 5 weeks. No new update, no new uploads.

I dropped the phone and while I was still lost in my thoughts about Adebimpe, my phone was ringing, I moved closer to the bed to see who was calling and I was shocked to see the name that appeared on the screen.



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