Putin and Trump to mend Russia-U.S ties

The Kremlin reports that, U.S President, Donald Trump and Russian President, Vladamir Putin have agreed to try their  best to rebuilding U.S-Russia ties and to cooperate in Syria.

Putin and Trump to mend Russia-US ties
Donald Trump

U.S.-Russia relations hit a post-Cold War low under the Barack Obama administration and Trump has made clear he wants a rapprochement with Moscow if he can get along with Putin, who says he is also keen to mend ties.

“Both sides demonstrated a mood for active, joint work on stabilising and developing Russian-American cooperation,” the Kremlin said in a statement, adding that Putin and
Trump had agreed to work on setting up their first meeting.

Vladamir Putin
Putin and Trump to mend Russia-US ties

“The chat took place in a positive and
business-like tone.”

Trump’s opinion on Russia has been criticised by those who say he was elected with the help of Russian Intelligence agencies, a charge which he allegedly denied. He was also accused of being too eager to make an ally of Putin.

For Putin, who faces possible re-election next year, an easing of U.S. sanctions imposed on Moscow over its role in the Ukraine crisis would be a major coup.

But the Kremlin only referred to the two importance and underlining of restoring mutual-beneficial trade and economic ties between both countries as they made no of the subject been discussed above.

Trump said on Friday he was only in the early stages of considering whether to lift the sanctions, as British Prime Minister Theresa May, other foreign officials and U.S. lawmakers cautioned that such a move would be premature.

The most tangible outcome of the phone call, as the Kremlin described it, appeared to be what it said was an understanding that jointly fighting international terrorism was a priority and that the two nations should
cooperate in Syria.


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