Mbaka: My members have multiplied by 20

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, The director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), disclosed that his transfer to Our Lady of Rosary parish, Emene from Christ the King parish, GRA, was a blessing in disguise.

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka

He also said that a new adoration rectory has commenced and is almost completed adding that, within a few months, the number of worshipers trooping his place of posting was multiplied by 20 times.

Rev. Fr. Ralph Madu, the Secretary General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, had earlier explained that the transfer of the vibrant priest that prophesied the defeat of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, was not motivated by politics but rather, transfered to where he would be more useful to the ministry.

Mbaka thanked the church for moving him from his former station, where he was “just like a fish growing inside a bottle but has been put inside the ocean”  he told the sun newspapers at the permanent site of adoration ground in Emene.

He said:

“God is wonderful. You can see that I am smiling, filled with cheers and the joy of the Lord. I have the feeling that God’s hand is in my going out of GRA.

“I am seeing everything as the will of God. When I remember that my providing God is with me and for me, I am filled with joy and I’m comforted.

The ways of God are divine and mysterious and at times when he wants to do a thing, we humans may not understand it. We may be seeing
the external but God who sees the
future planned and packaged
everything for us.”

“The Journey to the adoration permanent site is a blessing in disguise and I welcomed it with joy even though I was misunderstood. Some people who thought I would disobey the church and the Bishop by saying I would not go out; but how can I disobey the bishop?

“Now we have packed in here and within few months, the number of people coming there has doubled more than 20 times and we have started a new parsonage, Adoration parsonage, and it’s nearing completion.

God is 100 per cent on our side and the congregation is happy and I am
exceedingly happy.

“I am grateful to the Bishop and the Church that moved me out of the GRA; I am just like a fish that
was growing inside a bottle and
now has been put inside the
ocean. I thank the church for that
move from the GRA for the Ministry is serving a larger role to the global universe; it is not just a parish per se, it is serving the whole Nigeria. It is inter cultural, it is inter denominational, it is also inter tribal.

“The adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria is the grand parent to all the new adoration ministries that are growing and God has given us a home and made Umuchigbo, Nike land where we are, a glorious empire of the Holy Spirit.

The priest, who had accommodation issues when he was transferred, noted that apart from the parsonage that is almost completed, other projects are in the works, expressing happiness with the worshippers, and the government of the day.

“The government of Enugu led by Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is adoration friendly and we are enjoying the highest peace we have never enjoyed in the annals of the history of the ministry. So things are moving very well; and since we came in here God has been shocking us with goose- pimple-arousing miracles; we have never experienced such miracles as we are experiencing

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