[story] Adebimpe the Facebook girl Episode 4

as I opened her message. She started a chat with swordman 5minutes ago

SWORDMAN: baby, hi

BIMPE: sweetie, I’m fine. I so much enjoyed the way you make love to me. It was the best I have ever had in my life. Chaii.

I developed headache instantly. I scrolled up to read again in case I didn’t get it very well, I continued reading

SWORD:. Same thing here, I so much miss your orals. Infact, if not for the test you said you want to write tomorrow, I won’t have let you go today.

BIMPE: baby don’t worry, I will be back after the semester break. I can’t wait to feel you again

SWORD: that’s my baby. How far with the place you said you are going for your Tfare, I mean your daddy’s friend you talked about?.

BIMPE: I’m there already, but he went out to bank to withdraw money for me.

SWORD: why not come here for a quickee plssssss

BIMPE: time has gone and he will be back soon

SWORD: baby pls it won’t be long, I promise it won’t exceed 10mins

BIMPE:. Are u sure?

SWORD: I promise

BIMPE: ok dear, set the stage, don’t let me meet you with cloths on and make sure it’s a hot ride. I will be there in a jiffy.

SWORD: ok dear, I will be waiting. Chaiiii.

I shouted and it attracted the attention of people on the queue.

They asked me what’s wrong but I couldn’t say anything. I stepped out of the bank. And was wondering if I am not dreaming .

Just as I was thinking of what next to do. My phone rang and it’s a message from bimpe which says “baby, pls I left my school ID card at my cousin’s place, I am on way to get it.


I will be back in 20mins time pls”. I don’t know when I started crying.

I was crying like a baby on the express. I said to myself. “This time, Onihaxy, u must teach this bastard a lesson she will never forget in her life
just as i was standing infront of the bank and crying like someone who lost his dick, my phone rang.

I looked at the screen and it was a friend named segun. I do call him “sege the guru” because is into blogging and ICT.

SEGE: ogbeni how far? U number no dey waka since yesterday

Me: sege how far

SEGE: I dey o. Wetin do your voice, u no dey sound normal my guy

ME: I have been duped by a woman i love so much.

SEGE: say wetin, abeg pick a bike dey come oba-ile right now.

I stoppd a bike going to oba-ile where segun lives . After  8mins. I was at segun’s room entrance

me: ko ko ko

sege: who be that, come in.

I entered, sat down, then without wasting time, i summarized the whole episode to sege in 3minutes.

SEGE: “were ni e o” omo porta ti lo agbari fun e. Ode ni e

ME: no be my fault, this babe fine die and get assets for front and back. I just so much love her

SEGE: Ogbeni, you are the “baddest maga ever liveth”

me: thank u. Wetin i go come do now segun

SEGE: no worry, we go arrange collect part or the whole of that 10k from her, u go still straff her free for the next 2days and u go discharge her without giving a kobo

Me: is that possible, how i go do am now? Just immediately, a message came in from adebimpe which says “baby, i’m on my way back”.

I showed it to sege. He laughed and said to me. “ogbeni, if u fall again this time, then u don break world maga record”.

He opened a bulk sms application on his phone, draft a Access bank debit alert of 25k and send it to my line.

Me: what should i do with it

SEGE: Show it to her wen u reach house, tell her say ATM debit the whole 25k wey u wan give her and the money no come out of the machine, so u dey go the bank tomorrow to complain. But if she no fit wait, tell her say u get person wey u fit collect the money from and then call me make i show.

We go dey write d script on whatsapp as u dey go. But make sure u clear the whatsapp chats after ooo

I dashed out of segun’s house. I went home straight, on getting home, i met adebimpe sitting on the bed restless.

As i entered, she hugged me and gave me a kiss.

BIMPE: baby, u look unhappy, what happened?

Me: ** i brought out my phone and showed her the alert and then act the drama as directed by segun”***

bimpe wore a sad face

BIMPE: What do we do now? This is 11:08am and i must get to PHC today.

ME: ok relax, let me call a friend to borrow me 20k to give you, i will sort him when u are gone.

I picked up my phone and called segun to come.

Bimpe hugged and kissed me again and said “u are a darling”. I asked of the surprise she promised earlier, she said i should wait till my friend leaves so that no one will disturb. I replied “ok”.

Segun arrived at about 10mins later.

ME: sege my guy. Pls i need your help, my babe wan return to school today and ATM fucked up. Abeg borrow me 20k till tomorrow.

SEGUN: lai lai. The 8k wey u borrow last time, u neva return am and u wan collect another one?. I go give u the 20k only after u refund the previous 8k.

ME: Se na because of 8k u come dey disgrace me infront of my babe?. Abeg i go give u the two together.

SEGUN: lai lai, find means and give me the 8k first.

Then i turned to bimpe.

Me: bimpe, pls do u have 8k with you, let me give this guy so that he can give me the 20k

BIMPE: i dont have that amount, the only money on me is 5,500 and it’s a money that my friend gave me to buy weavon for her from akure.

ME: Don’t worry, give me 5k out of it, since i’m giving you 20k in return, u can then sort your friend. She gave me the 5k and i gave it to segun.

ME: Now wey i don give u 5k out of 8k, can u now help me?

SEGUN: Se u know say u be akure?. If not because of your pretty girlfriend, i no go help u. Let me go home and bring the money, i will be back in 10mins time.

Immediately after segun’s departure, she gave me the surprise. We had a hot romance which leads to one round of sweet s-x.

3mins after the s-x, segun called, i picked and put on loud speaker.

Me: sege how far?, where is the money now?

SEGUN: wahala don shele oo. As i dey come ur place the other time, i forget to lock my door, before i reach home, dem don carry my lappy and took all the 30k wey dey house.

ME: Eyah. So sorry oo. Abeg se u fit return that 5k, i go find means add to it give my babe?

SEGUN: U dey mad ni. **segun hanged up the call.


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