[story] I’m In Love Episode 9

[story] I’m In Love Episode 9

[story] I'm In Love Episode 7


A Story Written By Tycoon

But as I was about to go,she dragged me back and said ” *You Melted my heart*”

“Ehn what did you say? “I said as I pretended not to hear her although I don’t understand what she said

“oh!!! nothing I mean you made my day”she said as she gave out a *crocodile laughter*

“**i sighed*** okay no problem,I’m about to go” I said as I grabbed the door knob

“ahaha won’t you wait for me to get dressed up so that I can escort you”Lina said on getting up towards the room

“but you don’t need that dear, just continue reading, it’s night already”i said stopping her from following me

“no, I insist” she said as she stand up walking majestically to the room

When a lady is being called *Sexy* it doesn’t mean she is beautiful or charming,it just means she is just only good for sex,but when a lady has natural beauty,she is beautiful,I can tell that Lina has the two features because Immediately Lina stood up and turn her back at me to make way for the room,my eyes were gazed on her front and backs,but luck was against me because before I could even look away her eyes had caught up with mine

“what are you looking at?”she said as she frowned a little bit

” i’m… Soo.. rryy ,I’m sorry,i did not mean to be naughty”i stammered, feeling so ashamed

“No problem,but next time,learn how to control yourself and don’t be a naughty boy again” she said smiling

“o….okaay”i said looking down at the ground like as if the ground should swallow me alive

“Is that the reason why your mood changed”She said as she was about entering the room

“ahh,not at all”i said giving out a fake smile

“well no problem,wait for me to change”She said on entering

Few minutes later,Lina was through with her dressing and we both headed to our house. her block was a little bit far from mine but she insisted that we should trek so that we can talk more together

As we were talking,Lina immediately grabbed my hands and wrapped it with hers,****she feels soft****i think as I felt her hands but I don’t want her to leave me

As we were close to our hostel,i felt she should be going back to her apartment now

“Don’t you feel you should be getting back to your hostel now” I said as I stopped and turned back at her

“hmm, you are right,but I feel like staying with you Pen”she said with her eyes perfectly fixed on mine

**I laughed on hearing this from her***

“why you laughing now, is it funny?”she said with a sad look on her face

“No no not at all dear”i lied

“then why are you laughing at what I said”she said still holding my hands but now tighter than before

“you know it can’t be possible,because we are all male in my hostel and besides it’s bad and thirdly you need to get prepared for tomorrow exam” I explained trying to convince her

“hmm, okay ooo,if you insist,extend my greetings to your friends”she said as she turned her back to go

As she left my hands,i drew back her hands,turning back at me again

“You want to say something? “she said

“hmmm… No” I stammered

“if it’s no, then good night oo”she said as she ran heading back to her hostel

On getting back to my room around 7:30,I was very hungry,like serious and *GOD’s* so good as I was entering I met my friends who were already devouring the Bread and Beans being cooked by Perry

“where my own food guys?”I shouted as I jumped tiredly onto the bed

“see his mouth,your babe did not cook for you”Ekony said as he was already crushing the bread and beans together

**I think Ekony is right,Lina offered me food and wine,i was the one that formed Big boy***i though for w while

“Please guys, I don’t want to talk,just give me food”i said as I stylishly shut them up

“Thief,just go and take your own on the stove”Wilson said as he gave out a loud laughter

“na you guys sabi” I said as I made way for the long awaiting pot of my own Beans

Before I could finish eating,my friends have slept off, As soon as I finished eating,i feel like reading because i just had the feeling that I have not studied up to my satisfaction

As I was reading I could not concentrate directly to what I was reading because Lina’s picture kept reappearing in my memory,her curvy body,her long curly hair without makeup,her charming face especially when she laughs or whenever I crack a joke,

I don’t know why,i can’t just keep my eyes off from Lina….. who will save me from this pool of endless hearty feeling that I have gotten myself into.

i keep asking myself “is this Love or Lust” ***Sighed*** I guess I’m in Love……….

(To Be Continued)

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