[story] I’m In Love Episode 8

[story] I’m In Love Episode 8


[story] I'm In Love Episode 7


A Story Written By Tycoon

Myself:- what did you just say now?? **i said it with a great fear running through my veins***

Lina:-Yes now,so that we can read together maybe at least I can grab one or two things into my brain

Myself:- ookk..aay I wiilll… Come **i said stammering**

Lina:-okay I will be expecting you oo

Myself:-No problem dear **i said with fear as I became the object of the attraction from my friends

Lina:- OK bye **Hangs up**

As I dropped my phone,i hurriedly packed my books and reached for my Shirt,but all this while,my friends were watching me not until when I was about to wear my shirt that Perry charged at me

“Where are you going?”Perry said

“To somewhere”I replied without looking at his side

“but do you think what you are doing is right sha,we were both reading here and you got a call,the next thing you want to do is just to go out?”Ekony angrily yelled at me

“okay,guys I’m sorry for not letting you know where I’m going to,i want to see a friend of mine at the next block”i lied because I knew that if they know that I want to go and meet Lina, they will not take it easy with me at all especially “Ekun”

Which friend and which block”Daniel questioned

“**Became angry*** but guys why are you just pinning on me,must you know everywhere I going”i asked with anger

“Yes, because how will a lady that called herself Lina will just call you and you will leave us here without even letting us know that she is the one you were speaking with and moreover the lady is nothing but a bitch “Perry charged from behind

****Wait!!! Did I just hear him call “Lina”,how did he know her name,how did he recognize her voice,or have they been together before??*** I began thinking rhetorically because what I’ve preventing has finally happened

“hoo…w did you guys know Lina ” I stammered as I faced them

“ooohh!! You’re surprised right?,don’t be surprised because we your friends will not let you date that thing “Ekony said with a wicked laughter

“whether you like it or not,She is the lady I love!!”I said with a defiant look

On seeing this,my eyes turned red,the anger rose in me as I angrily left the room for Lina’s house

After several minutes of walking,i have been getting loads of calls and messages from Lina

“won’t you come again”***

As I was moving nearer to her house my heart started beating faster….


“when you are through, you should enter” a voice which I guessed could be Lina’s emerged from the inside room

“so you knew that I am the one”i said smiling as I entered

On entering the house,my heart melted,the inside was just too much,the room was lavishly furnished with expensive things,from the big chairs to the theatres there,dammnnn!!!!! This girl need to be daughter one of a rich man

***But how did a 200level student can acquire all this flashy things*** I began to think not until when I noticed she was coming from the room

“thinking that I have this big apartment right?”she said with a smile boldly written on her face

“**i smiled*** something like that sha” I said because I knew she has known my mind

“you funny, well, I’m not the only one living here,my friends and I stay together”she said as she sat down on the chair tiredly

“okay which means that you and your friends contributed to secure this place” I said as I extended my arms around the room

“yes, something like that sha” she said

“So why are you not grabbing anything since”I said after receiving a friendly hug from her

“I’m just disturbed” she said with a tired look on her face

“that means you are thinking about something?”I said smiling

“something like that”she replied

“probably thinking of something or somebody you want but you want to *abnegate* yourself from it” I said guessing

“wow! How do you know?,do you read minds? ” she said surprisingly

“no I just study and guess” I replied jokingly

“oh that means you must be a good guesser” she said, laughing

Now let read so that wicked *Bioku* will not fail us oo”i said as I began to unravel my books from my bag

“okay,you’re right jare”she said as she brought out her note

Myself and Lina studied together for roughly four hours,while doing that,i noticed that she was responding well as I was asking her questions,she felt so happy but one thing about it is that throughout the time I spent with her,she kept staring at me affectionately,although I wanted to tell her how I feel about her but my mind keeps telling me that it is too early but I don’t know why this girl keeps entering my head…

At around 6:30pm I needed to leave there because I know that if I stay too long,something else might happen

“Lina,i need to go now”I broke the silence

“ahah,why?”She asked with a frown on her face

“I’m sorry I need to go”I said giving her a friendly hug

But as I was about going,she dragged me aback and said……..

(To Be Continued)

Obscure Words

Abnegate:- *Self Denial*

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