[story] I’m In Love Episode 7

[story] I’m In Love Episode 7

[story]  I'm In Love Episode 7

A Story Written By Tycoon

“ahah why do you ask?” she asked me with a baffled look
“hmm, you know Magarina is a man whom everybody has got a great flare for in politics and he was known to have a good reputation in the eyes of the poor,a stinky rich man,he had many things,and I know you knew him because he is always on the newspaper and article everyday” I narrated to her with some lovely gestures which made her laugh
“oopppss,you’re so funny pen”She jokingly said
“so are you his daughter” I asked her with a serious look
“Noo I’m not dear” she said as gazed away from my direction
“but you resembled him and…. ”
“it’s okay,i said I’m not his daughter” she said as I noticed her voice raising
“I’m sorry Lina”i apologize immediately
” spare me please!!!!” she says as she shifted away from my direction
***So she get angry easily like this***i thought
“okay let go get iced cream before the next lecturer comes in”i jokingly said as I drag her in friendly manner
“leave me alone jare” she childishly said
“oya sorry now, *someone cannot play with you,is that how you use to do*”i said as I jokingly shrugged her ribs
“**she laughs***okay let me stand up by myself” she said putting up a little smile on her face showing that she’s no more angry
After the day’s lecture,i was smiling till I got to our hostel which was on off a campus
On getting to our hostel,i met Ekony and Perry who were already devouring the Eba and ewedu soup which I guess is being brought by one of their side chicks
As I entered,i was so happy that I did not even notice how the two of them were fighting over the two plates of Eba and Ewedu
I began to whistle around the whole room happily because I felt that I have beginning to have one of the greatest feeling I have ever had in my life
“oh boy wetin happen to you today that makes you feel happy like this”Ekony said as he forcefully collected the Pot of Eba from Perry
“** I continued whistling**
” Guy talk to us now,se you don hammer abi you don Ferrari?”Perry asked as he continues to unwrap the third wrap of the finely prepared eba
“she takes away my heart,she is the one that occupies my brain, I just can’t but think of her”i began to soliloquize
“it seems our friend is in love”Ekony said as she faces Perry who was already gulping down the last morsel of Eba in his hand
“Ehn Ehn, Pen-Brain now tell me about the lady that got over your head and turn you to a baby”Ekony said jokingly
“(faces Ekun and Perry) you guys can’t understand,i said as I walk out on them after giving them a friendly pat on their shoulders
“Anyway lover boy come and take your own eba before Daniel comes,you know he’s a lion when it comes to food” Ekony shouted behind me as he saw me entering the kitchen
“and I hope it’s not that bitch that gat no respect for her *Baba okos*”Perry jokingly added
Right from that day that I and Lina spoke together we have been the best of friends,because we talk together like almost every blessed day both on WhatsApp and Facebook,to the extent that she is now free with me but she hasn’t come to my house but we are best of friends
Later that night,my phone rang and seeing she is the one,i smiled
***i picked it up***
Lina:- hello pen brain
Myself:-hello baby gem **i murmured***
Lina:- what did you say?
Myself:- **laughs** nothing jare,how you
Lina:- you not serious,you just too funny to be with
Myself:-and you too
Lina:-well I love your company today,i called to thank you very much
Myself:- I did for a purpose
Lina:-ohh,and the purpose is what
Myself:-i don’t know
Lina:-you’re a naughty boy
Myself:- and you’re a baby gem
Lina:- **she laughs**,but help me plead to your friends about how I reacted to them the other day
Myself:- no problem
Lina:-okay thank you dear
Myself:- but Lina if I may ask, what happened to you the other day that made you so sad and dejected
Lina:-hmmmm, pen!
Myself:-yes dear
Lina:- it’s a long story
Myself:- and do you wish to let me know?
Lina:- I will tell you everything but not now
Myself:-okay dear
Lina:-byeee, Sweet Dreams
Myself:- same here
As days turned into weeks and weeks turns into months our second semester exam has been fast approaching,all the girls and guys that do form before are now staying glued with their books because nobody want to find him/herself in the *relegation zone*
I and my friends were studying when I heard my phone ringing,slowly I picked it up but I was baffled when I saw the name on it *Lina*
Hurriedly I dropped my book, Ekony and my friends were staring at me but *mio worry*
***i picked it up***
Lina:- hello Pen **her voice sounds so cold**
Myself:- hello dear what happened to you,your voice sounds so babyish
Lina:-i’m trying to read but I am not gaining anything at all
Myself:-ahaha why?
Lina:-i don’t know
Myself:- then what do you want to do now
Lina:-maybe you should come around to my house now,when I see you may be I will gain something
****On hearing this,my heart sank into my legs***
Myself:-What did you just say now??……
(To Be Continued)
Obscure words:-
Someone cannot play with you…..:- *informally* it’s a particular slang gotten from a Nigerian singer
Relegation zone:- as used in the expression it means carry over
Mio worry:- I don’t care

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