[story] I’m In Love Episode 15


[story]  I’m In Love Episode 15


[story] I'm In Love Episode 15


A Story Written By Tycoon

**Leave ke? Nibo?? I thought as I hurriedly got up from the bed running towards the dining room…..

Rushing downstairs,i saw that she’s truly about to leave

“So if I don’t come down now,you will not tell me that she’s about to go abi? “I said raising eyebrow at Nilly

“Ehn but you have known now,so less I forget,Big Brother this was the aunt I was telling you on that day that led me to your hostel”Nilly said

***See you,like as if I don’t know Lina before,my babe to be*****I thought of hearing my sister

“so aunty Lina,meet my brother and You (she faces me) oya meet aunty Lina”she said jokingly

“okay, so when are you going back to school?”I said facing Lina

“wait so you guys have been so intimate like this?”She (Nilly) said in surprise

“We not just intimate, we’re best of friends,it just that she behaves like a naughty boy sometimes”Lina said which made all of us to laugh

“hmmmm, okay ooo I’m not talking again oo”Niniola said in conclusion

“You better not” I said jokingly

“so is this how you are going to escort me out?”Lina asked raising eyebrows at me

“yes, what’s wrong with this?”I said raising my hands *akimbo*

“with singlet?”she said jokingly

“yeah anything bad in that?” I said raising my eyebrow.

“you won’t stop being a naughty boy”she said as she shot me a smile

“okay I’m coming back”i said as I hurriedly went upstairs to catch my top

After a little minutes of escorting her,i made signals to Nilly meaning that she should go back home

“okay aunty Lina,lemme leave you here to go home,but I’m so happy that you came to our house”i sister said hugging her like *IYAWO WA*

“okay dear,thanks for the entertainment and hospitality”She said smiling

After my sister went back home,i decided to see her (Lina) up to the car park,for about 10minutes thinking she might got mad at me for what I did to her the other day,not until when she broke the silence

“So you won’t talk abi?” she said staring at the ground

“I do but i…..”

“you know how you treated me badly the other day because of what you heard from your friend Dan right?”She asked me rhetorically

***On hearing that,my heart skipped a bit as I stopped to look at her but I summoned my amazement****

“I know you will be surprised by hearing that from my mouth”she said like as if she knew my mind

“yeah you tight but above all I’m sorry,i acted out of jealousy”i said as I said regretfully

“well it’s nothing,but next time,try to find out the truth before acting”she said in a scolding manner

When she said this I stopped and looked at her, her words and what she said because what she said pierced through my heart

“Let go now”she said as she came to where I was leaning against

“Lina please forgive me about the other day,i have known the truth now,please ,I don’t want to loose you dear”i said looking at her eyeballs

“you’re funny, I’ve forgotten about that one jare,i know you did that because you like me..”she said with a smile on her face

“thank you dear”i said with my my mind half relieved

“no problem, is that all?” she asked me smiling

“No it’s not”i replied

“what again Pen”she said

“you see Lina let me pour out all my heart to you today,you see the feeling is becoming unbearable for me,i will say you took over my brain and my heart from the first day I saw you,Lina I’m falling for you “i said facing her seriously

” **She laughs***Pen you’ve started again, won’t you leave this your talks and jokes and let go”she said as she wanted to go.

Immediately I drew her back to myself with our lips an inch away from each other.

“Lina,please don’t joke with my feelings,i mean it….

(To Be Continued)

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