[story] I’m In Love Episode 13

[story] I’m In Love Episode 13

[story] I'm In Love Episode 13

A Story Written By Tycoon

“But Lina is not just any lady” I snapped back at him……

“whether she is or not,all I want you to do is to forgive him(pointing to Daniel where he stood at) for the sake of friendship”Ekony pleaded

“Ekun, I heard you right, but I want you to help me ask this traitor……

“No no, why now Pen don’t call him a traitor,afterall as a true friend,he has pleaded for forgiveness what else do you want”Ekony corrected

“Whatever, help me ask him that is it true that he is truly dating Lina”i said with a red eye on me

“Pen, I won’t lie to you,See although I have known Lina since this days even before you met her,i just decided not to let you know because when I got her number through one of her friends and I have been trying to get her but she kept on refusing and turning me down,but I noticed that right from the day she met you,she has fallen in love with you drastically,even on the Last time we all went to eat in her hotel,it all showed on her face, so on seeing this I decided to leave you guys together and keep away from her just for the sake of friendship”Daniel narrated which one can read from his face that he’s sincere with what he said

“Then why did you save her number with “My Baby”?”I continue loading him with questions

“that was the only mistake I made Pen, I’m sorry Friend “Daniel said soberly

On hearing what he said,my hands fell down,the anger in me died rapidly and was converted into blame *Gbam gbam* I fell on the bed with my eyes fixed on the ceiling like as if I was reading something through it

“Have you now seen the truth of the matter clearly now”Ekony whispered in to my hears

“To err is human…..”Perry said in a Preaching tone

“To Forgive is Divine”Wilson finished the quote

Hearing this slogan from my friends, I knew that I’m all at fault because,i did not find out patiently about the matter before bumping into action

**Suddenly I stood up half way from the bed and gazed through my friends face and to Ekony*****

“Be quick man, you know what you should do”Ekony corrected me in parables

“I’m Sorry Dan, I’m sorry about all I’ve done to you,i did not waited patiently for the truth to unravel itself, “I said in an apologetic mannee

“i act like that because I’ve gotten too much love for Lina,because she is my dream girl as you all know”i said in a remorseful manner

“I understand brother, I too I’m at fault too, because I should have told you earlier”Dan said with a smile on his face

“I know but I should have known that ‘To Err Is human’ “I said

“To forgive is divine”Ekony,Daniel,Perry chorused and we all laughed as we hugged each other.

After the settlement on that day,me and my friends both went to the car park waiting for the bus to take each and every one to his destination

Getting back home to see my family was a great privilege for me, the local dishes my mum used to prepare for me and over night gist I will always have with my sister “Niniola”(fondly called Nilly by my dad and mom)

After we took the dinner together,i was still at the parlour discussing with my mum and dad when my younger sister came to meet interrupt our discussion

“Ehn Ehn, Big Bro,how is school”She said jokingly as she jumped on the chair

“Through out the afternoon, you did not ask of anything,So it’s now that I’m discussing with mum and dad that you think that you should ask about school from me”I asked raising eyebrows at her because I knew where she is driving at

“She’s just a spoilt brat,maybe she want to ask of something or somebody”My Dad said jokingly

“uhmmm, what of that aunty?”She asked

“Which aunty again?” I blinked at her so that she won’t burst the matter

“wait oo,my king which aunty is your sister talking of?”my mum jokingly said

“mum don’t mind Nilly,she’s just trying to be a naughty girl” I said as I frowned at her (Nilly)

“Mum,dad don’t mind Big brother,that aunty led me to the new apartment where he and his friends secured”Nilly eventually burst the whole balloon

“So my king has finally gotten a lady”My Mum and dad said simultaneously

“Don’t mind her oo,she’s just not being serious”I said but they had believed her already

‘well it good son, just make your Education your Number one priority” my dad advised

“thank you sir”i said making a bow

“No problem dear”my dad said

“when you true children ,make sure you switch off the TV,we going inside”My dad and mum said

“you see (I turned to Nilly),I will kill you today,who told you to tell dad and mum”i said as I sat down on her

“Yeeee,mummy big brother Don kill me oo “she shouted under me


After a week at home,i was so happy without a reason,i was chatting with Ekony,Daniel,Perry and Wilson,on group chat when my mum called me

“My King your phone is ringing,seems you have a call”my mother called me from the kitchen

As I got there,i found out that it was a strange number

On picking it,i realised that it was Lina

**pick up***


The caller:-Are you at home?

Myself:-(immediately I recognize it is Lina) yeah

Lina:-i know you knew it is me Lina

Myself:-yes I do

Lina:- Great,So Come and open the gate, I’m waiting for you outside

Myself:- what!!!!!!!! …….

(To Be Continued)

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