I’m in love Episode 6

I'm in love Episode 6
Episode 6
A Story Written By Tycoon
Lina:- ***laughs*** okay oooo
Myself:-i will wait for you as we’ve said
Lina:-no problem,bye bye
Lina:-what again now?
Myself:-you’ll say bye for now
Lina:-**laughs**okay bye for now
Myself:- yeah ***hangs up***
Throughout the night,till the next morning I wasn’t, feeling like myself,j was just wishing I could fast forward the time to 7:am in the morning but I had no option than to wait patiently for nature to play its role
Early in the morning,i and my friends after devouring our *SOKUDALE* were already glued with our Books showing that we’re ready for the day’s lecture
“Guys,i don’t think I can walk longer,i Don tire”Ekony complained as he broke the silence
“that serves you right,when I was talking to you earlier that the food you were eating is too much but you remain adamant”i said without paying attention to him
“na you know jare”he said as we were entering the lecture class
On entering the class, I saw a figure emerging from the other entrance of the class,as the figure resembles that of Lina,Behold I was so amazed when the figure blinked at me and smiledwith her teeth all out, Oh my *GOD*,I couldn’t believe that what I have been going to search for in sokoto is right inside my pocket,so the girl I have been searching for all this while have been in my department,i mean the same department with me….***Nice one*** I said to myself
About 30minutes later,the lecturer noticed that as he was teaching,i was just smiling,not until when he could not take it any longer than to ask me the cause of my joy and happiness
“Pen-Brain, what’s wrong with you today,or why you smiling all the day”Lecturer Bioku (who was believed by his name that he is one of the still birth children popularly called *ABIKU*) asked me with a fatherly smile on his face
“Nothing sir,i’m just imagining a person searching for his CV since the past few weeks and not knowing that it is right in his pocket gently and neatly wrapped”I said in parables to Bioku
“hmm, I get you boy but pay Attention to your education and after then your cv will come to you”he said as everyone in the class burst into laughter
In the next 2 hours the short break commenced which gave everybody a chance to go outside to refresh themselves,but as for me I immediately went out to the lover’s garden to wait for the love of my life
Seeing her coming,i adjusted my dress just to make sure that I stayed cute,
When people compare their crush with a celebrity,i will compare this girl with a heavenly goddess,As she was approaching me, her shapes were giving me a melted heart,probably the first time in my entire life will I see a very beautiful lady without a single make-up, mean everything about her is *natural*
From afar,i saw her laughing continuously as I joined her also in the laughing galore
“why you laughing? “she asked me as she approaches me closely
“then why did you made me to laugh in the first place?”I answered her still smiling
“probably because you don’t know that we’re in the same department since all these days right? ” she answered as we both sat down closely beside each other
“hmm, something like that”I said giving a smirk face
“hmm,well so what’s up” she said looking at me
From the moment she said “what’s up” I knew I have to take charge of the discussion now
“I’m good,” i said looking straight into her eyes
“so now that you have seen me, what else do you want oo”she said as she play with her hair
“Well,first of all my name is…..
“Penorat-Collins,the best student in the department of dentistry”she snapped at me
“wait,so you mean you know me?” I asked her with an amazing look
“yes, I do”she said smiling
“wow! That great but i”m not the best student ooo”i said flattering
“hmm,everyone knows you are..” she said that which made the two of us to laugh
“so what your own name dear?” I asked her
“Lina-Magarina” she said looking at me
Immediately I heard this,my heart sank into my shoes
“wait, is it not the same Magarina,i mean the present politician”i asked her with a fear on my face
“ahah why do you ask?” she asked me with a baffled look…..
(To Be Continued)……
Obscure words
Sokudale:- informally it is the mixture of Garri and Beans
Abiku:- Yoruba people believe that these children go and come back to the world

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