I’m in love Episode 3

I'm in love Episode 3
Episode 3
A Story Written by Tycoon
“Yeeeeee mo gbe ooo”They all shouted on hearing this
“Pen what is wrong with you,how will you claim that you fall for a girl that walked up to you just to hurl abusive words at you and we that happen to be your friends on the fact that you still do her good by paying her Bike money for that matter “Perry said backing us while he was pouring the beans in the pot on the stove
“I wonder oooo Perry, wait you know what pain me pass”Ekony said
“let us hear you jare” Daniel said he sat down focusing on Ekony’s mouth like his life depended on what he was about to say
“you know what,on that day,if not that Wilson blocked her,that thing wanted to slap me ni sha”Ekony narrated give some exaggeration with gestures
“Ahahaha”they all shouted
“So you mean she could have light your face on that day if not Wilson hindered her”Daniel said in surprise as his mouth was opened agape
” *Walai Talai*,Ekony replied as he touches his tongue with his forefinger raising it up
“Guys but you still don’t…..”I wanted to talk but Perry shut me up
“Just keep quiet jhur,wait so is that the lady you fell in love with?”Perry asked as he draws our reading table nearer to sit
“Guys, please just hear me out,i love this girl…….”
“I say shut up guy, you can’t date that babe, don’t you know that a lady that you have not even *woo* that reacted like that to you and your friends, what if you eventually date her, won’t she break bottles on your head”Wilson said trying to give me a regretful look
“you’re just misunderstanding her emotions,the girl is just frustrated on that day, that was why she reacted in that way,she may be sad or something else”I said pitifully
” *Gbegbe gbogbo enu e soun*,ahah, Pen-Brain wake up!!! shey this girl has inject you ni?Perry handled me roughly shaking me to get me on my ears as he shouted into my ears
“**i sighed as I stared at the door like as if I was expecting her to enter but *kolewerk* *****
“Pen, why are you talking like this,you can’t date this babe,she is just not your type at all, (he faces Ekony),Ekun *Abi o WA gbami lowo Pen ooo*”Daniel said as he was fuming up and down but it like the more they talk about it,the more she kept on reappearing in my head
“Guy just leave pen for me, I’ll know how to handle him”Ekony said as he gave Daniel a Friendly pat on his back.
“Guys can we just leave this issue of a girl we never knew her name set….. (faces perry),guy abeg the beans never ready ni?,that pen’s girl gave me bread when I was coming to class the other time”Ekony said jokingly which made everybody laughed including me.
Minutes turns to Hours, hours into days,Days into weeks, I’ve never set my eyes on this girl, checking her department,she’s nowhere to be found at all
****but I think she too is in this school now abi wait ooo,i hope this girl is not an *akudaya* or a ghost****i began thinking of her in my room one day when I heard a knock on my door and to be surprised,it was a lady’s voice I heard saying,”hello is *Penorat* inside”
On hearing this my heart gave out a loud thump sound guessing that she is the one because Honestly to know that you are in love with someone,check how you feel when you see them or hear their names,those are one of the greatest feeling I have ever had in my life
On getting to open the door,what i saw made me feel the other way round
I received the greatest shock of my life when I found out that it was the person I was………..
(To Be Continued)
*Obscure words*
Walai talai:-one of the means some people (practically some Muslim)used to swear in order to make l
Other people believe them
Woo:- to toast a damsel
Gbe gbogbo enu e soun:- literally means shut up your mouth
Abi o wa gbami lowo:- one of the Yoruba’s way of seeking another person’s opinion on what they were sayingey were saying

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