I’m in love Episode 2

I'm in love Episode 2
Episode 2
A Story Written by Tycoon
**what has she come to do again? Did she come to abuse me again for paying her *T-fare* I kept on thinking fearfully and she approaches me in her flowing skimpy gown fixing her eye brow at me….**i pray my *Eleda* have mercy on me**
“Hin be like say this babe dey come our direction,Pen-Brain”Ekony whispered to my ears
“yes, seems so”i replied
***She finally stops before me***
“who told you to pay my T-fare the other time ehn?”She shouted at me with her eyes widened in a furious manner
***i calmed down myself down and spoke softly to her***
“ahah girl you should be gentle now,i don’t think you should be acting like this”I answered her acting a cool guy
“Can you just save me from all these your *cock and bull* story because as you can see, I know you from nowhere so I don’t need your money OK?”she barked at me while my friends stood there looking at her
“eesshhh, will you just shut the hell of your mouth up?,aah what wrong with you? a handsome guy like this (pointing at me from head to toe) paid the money for your transport and you lambasting him, like you not serious”Ekony replied her angrily as he made attempt to treat her fuck up
“Mr ekun abi what do they call you,will u just keep quiet and let me finish my speech”she said as she moves closer to him
“bae,if you move closer again,i will give you an own-goal slap”Wilson said as to defend Ekony
From this moment,i realized that she is frustrated so I had to come to her aid in order to avoid further embarrassment from my friends because they will not take any shit from her
“Guys, please don’t do that please..because I don’t even know the cause of the fight (I turned to her) then what do you want to do now”I asked her as she seems to be adamant
“Ehn ehn,now you’re talking,my coming here is to (she opens her mini-bag and handed the money to me) return the money back to you”She says as she gave me #200 in expectation that I did give her #150
“**i sighed***”so you want me to collect back the money”i said trying to keep calm
“Yes!!!”she replied as she gazed at the sky
***But how will a beautiful girl be behaving like this**i thought
But as I kept on staring at her, despite her harsh attitude,she still attracts my attention
“okay, m coming, let me give you the change”i said as I stylishly write my number on the #100 note and gave it to her with a gentle smile on my face
“here you go”I said smiling as I gave her the money
“berra” she said as she collected it and hurriedly went away
“Nice to meet you,i’m Penorat by name”i said as I extended my handshake to her alongside my brightest *Mr Cool Smile*
**She snubs and walks out on me**
***Perry hisses as he watches her going towards the administrative block***
“Mehn,Pen (turns to face me) where did you get to know that thing (he points to the lady)”Ekony snaps at me
“ohr you mean she,just forget about how I met her,let go”i stylishly shut them down as I urge them to let go
Right from the day she angrily left my presence,i never stop thinking about her,despite how she treated me and my friends that day I still feel for her.
i waited to see maybe she will give me a call but no she did not,i wish I could meet her once again,but after unlimited effort,i gave up trying
Sometimes my phone will ring but when I check it, I found that it is *5524* calling.
I never feel this kind of feeling before not until when I called myfriends into room one particular day after the day’s lecture
“omo,my stomach is singing *Shakiti Bobo* abeg Ekun what is in the house”Daniel said as he jumps on the bed because the day’s lecture was so hectic
“you no gbadun,didn’t we go to class together?”Ekony said giving a loud tiring sound
“this our lecturers will not kill person”Perry said as he kept on rolling in the room
While they were talking of food I was busy thinking of this girl I met at block 6 that I paid her *T-fare* ,she kept on reappearing in my head as her eyes were charming,honestly I feel unexplainable.
Suddenly I felt a harsh beat on me
“Pen-Brain,what wrong with you,are you not hungry,or what are you thinking”Ekony said after giving me a harsh beating on my lap
“ohhhr,man that was to harsh dude, your hand pains alot” I replied angrily
“okay,sorry what are you thinking of?,let us know”Ekony said as he shift closer to me
They all like me,maybe because I help them with their Papers
As I was about to talk,Perry and Wilson entered
“Guys,there is this lady that I’ve been thinking of since these days, I just can’t help but to think of her,i guessed I’m in love “i said openly
*****they all laughed *****
“Guys, why are you all laughing now?, is it funny?”I said angrily
“nothing bro just laughing”Perry said
“ooppppeee oooo, our friend is in love”Daniel said as he shout with Ekony and others
“well, now you see that love is a good thing”Ekony said
“they Mr pen who is now that lucky lady to have a genius as her boyfriend”Perry asked as he stood up to cook beans for all
“Hope you guys still remember the girl that you have issues with a couple of weeks ago”i said like pitifully because I know what their reaction will be
“Ehn ehn,wait hope it is not what we are thinking?”they all chorused
“y..eee..ssss, she is”I stammered
“Yeeeee, mo gbe ooooo”They all shouted …..
(To Be Continued)

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