[Story] Corper Grace Episode 9

[Story] Corper Grace Episode 9

We both stood on our feet immediately and a girl was asked to sit in between us.
For sure, I felt bad at first due to the fact that it was on account of Rose that I was embarrassed by our choir mistress in that manner but later, I was happy that our choir mistress saved me the stress of replying Rose’s silly questions.

After the short meeting, about 30 minutes later, I deliberately sat back so that I would avoid getting to talk with Rose but on the contrary, as I stepped my foot outside the church gate, I meet her (Rose) together with Ben and another girl that later became one Ben’s numerous girl friends (Benita) discussing only God knows what.

You need to see the way Rose smiled as she set her eyes on me like some one who just won lottery exposing her dimples and making her more beautiful. na wetin dey worry you self? i asked my self.
I needed no one to tell me that am the one they are all waiting for. So, I quickly walked up to them we exchanged pleasantries and we headed home thereafter. On our way since Ben gave his full attention to whatever Benita was telling him am left with no option than to get along with Rose and sure, it was a bit graceful because she seams to be more matured this time around by putting away her so called “pride” appearing to be full of life and Love unlike before when her replies were “yes, yes, No, No” and never smiling and I don’t know why? Any ways thank God she’s changed.

We chatted on series of topics as we walked sluggishly down the street ranging from; Education, Music, Sports, Relationships etc. Our conversation was cut short as we got to a junction that leads to both Rose’s and Benita’s homes respectively. We bid our selves good night and they diverted to their homes while Ben and I continued our journey. Journey? LOL.  On our way we started a conversation and we were like;

Ben: Oh, boy, wetin na?

ME: Wetin happen?

Ben: What’s up between you and Rose na?

ME: My brother, I tire for that girl oh.  I don’t know what she is up to.

Ben: and what is that suppose to mean?

ME: She has now begun to form miss nice girl this time around. 
Ben: ***smiled*** Yeah, I noticed it also.
ME: You did?
Ben: Yes, I noticed the way she was laughing out loud to the jokes you cracked and I was like; what have you done to this that find it very difficult to smile let alone laugh to whatever jokes some one has cracked.
ME: am also amazed. Any ways, with time I will get to know what she is up to.
Ben: Alright, see you tomorrow.
ME: okay good night.******************************************************
We both made for our respective homes. That night, nothing much happened i later found my self on my bed trying to catch some sleep but i couldn’t just sleep.
So, i just lay down trying to figure out the cause of my restlessness. It then occurred to me that i haven’t heard from my dearest Grace.
So i immediately reached for my phone so as to call her but just then her call came in:
Grace: Hi dear
ME: Hi love, Good evening.
Grace: evening dear, how went day?
ME: fine, just that…
Grace: just that what?
ME: i missed you so much.
Grace: i missed you more my dear.
ME: where have you being? I didn’t even see in choir practice.
Grace: yeah, i was on duty ni. Sorry, i didn’t tell you.
ME: no probs. Shey you will be around Tomorrow?
Grace: for sure, I will.
ME: thank goodness. At least i will get to see your pretty face tomorrow.
Grace***chuckled*** naughty boy. See you tomorrow joor.
ME: ah! So, soon?
Grace: am feeling so sleepy tonight.
ME: alright sweat dreams. Make sure you dream of me ooohhh.
Grace: ***chuckled*** sure. I will. You know, i always dream of you every night, therefore, tonight won’t be an exception.
ME: ***chuckled*** i trust you nah. Now i can now sleep peacefully since i have heard your angelic voice.
Grace: ***laughs out loud*** shebi you no say you no well?
ME: no wahala na. All you got to do is tomorrow, while returning from work (Hospital) come along with sum drugs because am really sick.
Grace: ***chuckled*** abi?
ME: Yes oh!
Grace: alright. But if i may ask what is wrong with you?.
ME: Loving you nah.
Grace: meaning?
ME: i mean, this days i get to think of you so much more than you could ever imagine. Infact, it’s driving me crazy.
Grace: the feeling is mutual baby, but don’t go crazy oh!  that’s how i always feel every now and then. But not to worry i will get us some drugs tomorrow.
ME: ***chuckled*** that’s my sweat heart
Grace: alright dear, see you tomorrow. G’night.
ME: ***smiled*** yeah g’night ***hanged up*** and I slept off there after.

The next morning, I woke up after freshen up, I quickly put on my Real Madrid sport kit and I made for morning mass because from there I will be heading to the Stadium for my Football training session.

By nine thirty A.M,  I found myself on my home with sand all over my body like some one that bath in with sand. Few minutes latter, I found myself in my room trying to put things in order until after “Donkey hours,” Sure, I was ready for lesson, that was two thirty P.m, and I set out for lesson am sure I will be at Corper Grace’s house in ten minutes time and on getting to Grace’s house I knocked gently on the gate and Grace opened it giving me a welcoming hug.

I can feel the warmth of her body that I have been longing for since yesterday up to the extent that I was even thinking of it on my way to Grace’s house. This time I think the hug was longer than normal maybe, she has been craving for such moment too.

We almost forgot that we were still in the public on noticing that, we reluctantly let go of each other and made for our official business of the day. One more thing about Grace that I like so much is that when it’s time to study she is “extra serious” and when it’s time for other things ***winks*** she also doesn’t lack behind.

After about half an hour, silence took over the room as we sat facing and starring blankly at each other. I could hear loudly the sound my heart beat as every where was tensed up and like two bodies under magnetic force, our faces gradually began to come in contact and before I could know what is going on, our lips were already locked up in a long, passionate and life giving kiss, sucking on each other’s lips as if our life depends on it.

Few minutes latter, I found my hands squeezing her b—bs and pinching her n***pls gradually, her moaning tempo increased noticeably but I wasn’t satisfied with that so, immediately put my hands under her top and I began squeezing and fondling her b***bs and just like I expected her moans became loader.

After some minutes, I helped her put off her top and I resumed my squeezing and fondling job on her b***bs while kissing her. Two  minutes later, I unlocked my lips from hers,’ kissing her all over and stopping  on her inviting b***st and giving it a superb sucking while squeezing and biting her ni**pls partially this time, she moaned In loader tempos.

Few minutes later, my right hand started a magical movement from Grace’s b***st down to her abdomen and back to her b**st again while my other hand was busy working wonders on one of her b**bs and am also working on the other pair of her b**bs with my mouth giving it a one suck of it’s life. Am sure I really got her breathless.

After about three minutes, I found one of my hands   underneath her pant and believe me she was seriously wet.  I slowly began teasing and tickling her clits and “oouuchh baabyy” was the sound that escaped from lips and on hearing that, I knew she is exactly where I wanted her to be  and after some moments of playing around the walls of  her p#ssy I inserted my finger into her honey pot and I began to finger f#ck her and each time I increased the number of fingers her volume also increased.
Few minutes later, I put off her short and within a twinkle of an eye she forcefully pulled me closer pulled down my trouser to the knee level and immediately inserted my supper erected d#ck  into her wet p#ssy. I don’t know where she got the strength from but I guess she can’t take it any more.

Without waiting time, I immediately began to bang her p#ssy passionately maintaining a steady rhyme with my thrusts. After five minutes of hard f#ck, we switched to G-whiz sex position, with Grace lying on her back and resting her legs on each ofmy shoulders we f#cked for more fifteen minutes before we finally c*med in unison.**********

Thirty minutes later, I found myself on my way home walking sluggishly, thinking  about nothing In  particular but just then some one tapped me from behind. Now the big question, is…  Who could that be???


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