(Photos) Youths Dance Round Coffin As They Ambush Oil Company In Akwa Ibom Again

In Akwa Ibom, an unidentified group of young people, over the alleged non-fulfillment of ExxonMobil’s corporate responsibility to their oil-rich community, are currently mounting pressure on ExxonMobil. 
 (Photos) Youths Dance Round Coffin As They Ambush Oil Company In Akwa Ibom Again
Four days going as youth that play host to ExxonMobil barricaded all routes leading to the company operational facilities blocking all vehicular activities including the company helipad insisting that the company must meet all their demands as contained in the series of letters they sent before the blockage can be lifted.
They expressed displeasure on the lukewarm attitude of the management of the company for treating their concern with levity, promising to frustrate any deal or negotiation that is contrary to the demands of the host communities.
According to one of the youth who spoke on condition of anonymity stated there is the world where oil is explore and the host communities lived in penury with decay infrastructure.
“I have never seen any where in the world where oil is drilled and the people of the area lived in self pity. This is only happening in Akwa Ibom State because of our peaceful disposition. We will never fold our arms and watch our God given resources being used to develop other areas while our people are watching from the sideline,” he emphasized.
The youth demanded for relocation of ExxonMobil operational office to the host communities, employment of indigenes in the company, empowerment of youth in the area, provision of infrastructural facilities among others.
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