[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Final Episode

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Final Episode

“Thanks.We’re off,”David finally said and walked away.
“I can’t belive that just happened,” Purity said in a state of

“I nver knew it’d get to this.”she paused and smiled,”As if
I had known.”

Jeremy watched her with a smile on as she expressed her feelings.
Great!He felt alive again.He’d so much longed to see her pretty
face,feel her skin,her touch,hear her rant.Thank goodness he finally
found her.Who could have known he’d ever fall in love,especially with
his enemy?

“When she pointed the gun at me. I was really scared.All I felt during
my stay with Ernest and Jayden returned to me.But it wasn’t that
overwhelming,it was different.”

“How?”he asked.

She had a big grin.”You were right beside me!”
Jeremy winked at her.Drawing her closer,he ruffled her
hair.”ILoveYou,Purity Theodore.”

A beautiful smile appeared on her face as she heard Jeremy profess his
love for her.She felt her heart lurch with excitement,her
tummy;butterflies danced in it.This was what she’d wanted to hear and
the words finally found their way into her ears.Words were not enough
to describe the pleasurable feelings surging through her.Unable to
withhold her excitement,she raised her toes on the tip.”Guess what I
wanna do,”she cooed,leaning on Jeremy.

He gripped her waist firmly.”You tell me.”
Purity slowly pushed her head forward.Wrapping her arms around
Jeremy’s neck,she reached for a kiss.
Understanding what her aim was,Jeremy bent his head and covered her
lips with his.
“What do you wanna do?” Jeremy inquired,grasping Purity’s hand softly.
She blushed.”I don’t wanna do anything.Justwanna be with you.”
“Come here,”Jeremy pulled her for an embrace.Having her that close,he
felt electrified within himself.”Do you know how my life was within
these days you disappeared?”

“Let me guess.Horrible,”she giggled.
“Not just horrible.I was terrified thinkingI’d never see you for the
rest of my life.If things had gone worse,I’d have never for-”
“Darling,”Purity cut in,”You shouldn’t worry about all that.I’m right
here,by your side.”

“Right.Come on,I wanna see your parents and my father.”
“Before that,I want something else.”

“What?”a glint of happiness was in his eyes.
“I love you,Jeremy.”she admitted, feeling shy all of a sudden.Staring
at her fingers,she linked them together,twisting them.
Jeremy smiled,then chuckled. Those words warmed his heart and got him
all excited.”Baby,”

She slowly lifted her head up.
“Do you know what that word means?”
“Gosh!Jeremy,”Purity feigned anger.”I know what it means. Love is
love.To love a person. Uh-“

“Are you ready for that?”

“I am.”she couldn’t understand his questions.”What about you?Are you ready?”
Jeremy flashed a smile.”You are no more scared?Afraid to love?”

She nodded,smiling.”Yeah. After all I’ve been through,I figured out
something.That is,I want to spend the good and bad times with loved
ones and family.Don’t want to hold any of these good feelings in.I
want to be happy and being with you makes me happy.I deserve to be

“And you’re completely happy with me.”
“My princess, lets go get married.”
Purity took a deep breath as she took an unsteady step out of the
bathroom.She took the next,then she was walking into the bedroom. A
feeling of shyness hit her.

She was simply wearing a lingerie. It was
blue,perfectly fitting her.It complimented her unique feminine
shape,showing off all her features.

Her hair was damp with water.
As she walked further, she felt nervous.Her heartbeat increased. She
was about to do a thing she had never done before.She was excited and
nervous as well.It wasn’t a bad thing.Its meant for only married
couples and now she was one.And ready.

Soon enough,a large king-sized bed appeared,Jeremy was on it.He was
not fully dressed as she was.Laying her eyes on him brought her to a

Jeremy saw his love, playing with her fingers. He understood what she
felt.He couldn’t even stop staring at her.She was so pretty and sexy
in that lovely underwear.Wow!

“Mrs Broderick,” he called out softly. “Come on.”
Purity took another deep breath and trudged forward,she got to Jeremy.
“You’re elegant,my wife.” He was excited.
“Thank you,”she answered shyly.
“What’s wrong?” he asked,concerned.
“Nothing… I…um,” she stuttered off.
“You wanna back out?”he teased.
“Thats good.’Cause I wouldn’t even let that happen.”He pulled her
closer,”I’d teach you everything you need to know.Its something I’ve
always wanted to do.”

Purity’s eyes widened.”You do? Since when?”
“When you stepped out of that bathroom, swaying your hips,seducing me.”
She laughed shyly.”You’re kidding.”
“Do you wanna talk more?”
With the peaceful and romantic setting at hand,Purity thought it
wasn’t proper to talk.It was to do something.”I don’t think so.”
“Where do we begin, my love?”he asked,placing a kiss on her left hand.
She was beginning to shudder,the feeling was different,she’d never
felt it before.”A Kiss?”she wasn’t sure.
“Ask for it.”

She smiled, the best ever, “Kiss me,” she asked, shamelessly. Jeremy smiled at her. Kiss her and he did, laying her on the bed. “i love you, Purity Broderick.” “I feel the same way,” she replied, between moans. THE END!!!!

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