[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 103

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 103

“Jeremy,” Purity gasped, totally amazed. “What is Jeremy doing with a
gun?” she rhetorically asked. The shock on her face soon melted into a
smile of appreciation. Jeremy had finally come! He was to save her.
She was relieved and felt happiniess. She never did stop hoping he’d
come for her.

“This is the Jeremy?” Jayden taunted with disgust on his face.
“Shut up!” Jeremy yelled, pointing a gun at him. “One more word and
you’d be in hell.” He was trying to be calm. To keep his cool. Seeing
Purity brought this feeling of joy, contentment in his heart. The
feeling of emptiness and being incomplete withered away. A warm
feeling took root in his heart.

Pure hatred, disgust and anger were the feelings he had for the
b—–d who had taken his princess away from him. He also betrayed his
cousin. He was so gonna pay for his crimes.
“Are you alright?” he asked Purity.

“I’m…. I’m……okay. Um, I’m not hurt,” she replied, stuttering. Getting
out of Jayden’s arms and being with Jeremy was all she could think of.
“Release her at once!” Jeremy demanded.

“What are you gonna do?” Jayden retorted.
“Shoot.” Jeremy answered sincerely. In reality, he didn’t know how to
use a gun. He’d never held one his entire life till Darren handed him
one that afternoon. It was his and Purity’s protection. He figured out
he had to keep his finger on the trigger, and that he did. Jayden was
never gonna find out he was naive when it came guns. Practicing on him
wasn’t a bad idea. The desire to kill him increased as each second
rolled by.

“Please, don’t shoot,” Purity whimpered. Honestly, she was scared. She
had no idea what Jeremy was going to do.
Jayden tightened his hold on Purity. “You can’t do that. You’re not a killer.”
“I could become one.”

“Please,” Purity begged.
“Shut the hell up!” Jayden screamed at her.
“Don’t you talk to her that way!” Jeremy shot at him. Livid with
anger, Jeremy thought he was gonna murder him. Put a bullet into his
head, sending him where he belonged.

Jayden was unarmed. He had no weapon to fight back with. Regardless of
that, he was confident nothing was gonna happen to him. He was still
going to achieve his aim – revenge. “My boys will soon send you to the
grave. They should be here any moment.”

Jeremy chuckled. “I don’t see any of them. And I’m afraid they won’t
be coming. Cyanide. You’re not as smart as they say.”
A look of shock and horror replaced the smiling face of Jayden. At
that instant, he regretted not having any weapon.

“If I were you, I’d repsect myself and let her go,” Jeremy exhorted.
“You’ve lost this battle. You can never have her. She belongs to me.”
“Never!” Jayden bellowed. Furious, his hands found way on Purity’s
neck. He was going to strangle her. No one was going to have her.
She’d better die being a virgin.

Purity coughed and put her hands on Jayden’s. She was running out of
air, gasping for breath. Water ran out of her eyes. Fear consumed her.
Was she gonna die before Jeremy? She tried to speak, it was

Jeremy lost control of himself. Aggressively, he cocked the gun and
pulled the trigger.
“My love,” Jeremy called out, worried. “My darling, are you alright?”
he brushed her hair affectionately.
Purity clung on to Jeremy. Gripping him tightly. Letting go wasn’t an
option. She was right were she belonged – in his arms. “I’m fine. I
missed you. Missed you so much!”

“Missed you too. More than you could ever imagine.”
Purity smiled gleefully. “You’re my hero, Jeremy Broderick. You saved
me. I’m never letting you go.”

Jeremy laughed as he listened to her remarks. “You are my sweetheart.
I’m not letting go either.” He fastened his hold on her.
“Ahem,” Darren cleared his throat.

Purity and Jeremy freed themselves. They turned to him.
“Just want you all to know that everything’s cool. Jayden’s in the
vehicle, Ernest would soon follow. His men too are arrested. You’re
not in any danger. Feel free to go home and celebrate.” He grinned. He
had just accomplished a mssion. It was a great job.´

Purity threw herself into Darren’s arms, “Thank you, for all you’ve done.”
“You’re welcome.” He let her go. “And Jeremy, that was a nice shot.”
He patted him on the shoulder, “See you at home.”

“Thank you, Allan,” Purity said with gratitude. Jeremy would never
have rescued her without any of their help,
“Sure. Anything for you,” he winked at Jeremy, “And him. I think I’m
gonna be a detective and a doctor.”
They all laughed at Allan’s joke.

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