In order to avoid heavy traffic This Man swims every day to work

According to Der Spiegel, a man identified only as  Benjamin David of about  40-years of age, jumps into the Isar River and swims two kilometres to his workplace in Kulturstrand.
David used to be one of the thousands of the city’s dwellers trying to make their way to work on busy roads and cycling paths but two years ago he decided that he needed to find a simpler alternative and the Isar River seemed like the obvious answer.
 It flows right past his apartment and even though no one has been using it for travelling purposes in decades, it used to be the best ways to get around. Instead of paddling on a raft, the 40-year-old decided to swim to work instead, and that’s been his main commute for the past two years.
In order to avoid heavy traffic This Man swims every day to work
Once at the office, he dries himself with a towel, puts on a t-shirt and waits for his colleagues to get through the heavy traffic by enjoying a cappuccino at a cafe.
The swimming commuter found the perfect way to keep his things dry while he is in the water – a special bag that is not only waterproof but also fills up with air when you roll it shut, acting as a buoy. It holds his laptop, paperwork and clothes, allowing him to simply float down the river if his arms get tired.

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