Boko Haram Group alleges plots by politicians to frustrate fight against insurgency

   Boko Haram Group alleges plots by politicians to frustrate fight against insurgency

Under the auspices of Northern Political Youth Christian Forum (NCPYF), a Christian group, has alleged that it uncovered plots by some Nigerian politicians to frustrate the ongoing war against insurgency in north eastern part of the country. 

 According  to Daily Times, Zephaniah Abui, national coordinator of the group declared that the people have also perfected plans to use the CJTF to disrupt the visit of the Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbeh to Borno state as part of efforts.

“We are aware that the disruption is being planned to appear spontaneous whereas it is clearly sponsored for some dark purposes.” He said.

 NCPYF said the alleged plots portray the dismal low to which the sense of propriety has sunk among leaders who would do anything to massage their ego while the larger population of citizens are left to suffer. while condemning the development in its entirety as the height of irresponsibility.

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Abui said: “It is most unfortunate that the power brokers in Borno State and some parts of the north have not learnt from their past misadventures in allowing Boko Haram to emerge, fester and became a plague to the entire nation even though the north suffered most.

“We use this opportunity to remind Nigerians and indeed the entire world of the fact that Boko Haram Terror group is a product of politicians arming youths against their opponents. 

”From the experiences we have been through, it can be categorically stated that such enterprise has never ended well. 

We issue this timely warning because this was the same way “ECOMOG”, a ragtag group of street urchins, was exploited for political use and ultimately led to the emergence of Boko Haram. It is a mistake that is on the verge of being repeate’’ 

Abui went on to say  that the main point of the briefing was to draw the attention of the law enforcement agencies to the activities of these politicians who wished to hijack the CJTF for their selfish reasons. 

“The visit of the Minister to Borno state is one of the strategies they have hatched to further their agenda in the next few days to sabotage the war against insurgency.

 “The plot, as we gathered, involves inciting the CJTF members to disrupt the Minister’s visit He further called on members of the CJTF to resist any invitation to anarchy since those pitching this deranged plot to them have other hidden plans that involve great suffering for anyone that allowed themselves to be used. 

“Instead of causing confusion, anyone that meets with the Chief Audu Ogbe should rather listen to learn which of the many interventions he has unveiled in other states can be replicated in Borno as a first step towards re-establishing the state as an agricultural power-house,” he said.

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