[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 86

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 86
Her thoughts travelled back to when she first rode in Jeremy’s car. It was a surprise. He took her to his home and she met his dad for the first time. At that moment, her face grew pale, she felt pangs of loneliness. She so much missed him – his voice, his sweet talks, his piercing hazel eyes, his smiles, the deep roll of his laughter, his kisses and being in his arms. She longed to see his face and hold them in her slender arms; even for a minute. That was how badly she wanted to be with him. She wondered if he was alright. She smiled sadly. “How is Jeremy?”
Wasn’t she ever going to forget him. “I have no idea.”
“Tricia,” she painfully pronounced the name, “Tricia Cayson. Did she not contact you? Tell you about his health?”
“Nope. We no more contact eachother.”
She hung her head, unhappy. She was playing with her fingers. “I guess you two finally got what you want.”
He had an urgent meeting to attend to. If it were in his power, he’d have called the meeting off and spent a great deal of time, chatting with his Melisa. “I have to get going now.” He drew himself to her and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.
Purity didn’t flinch, neither did she resist his lips touching her right cheek. She only closed her eyes and pictured Jeremy kissing her.
“Don’t do anything funny. Stay put,” he instructed, lovingly.
Purity smirked. “What makes you think I’ll try running away?”
“You’re a strongwilled woman.” he stroked her hair, “Its easy to tell what you can do.”
She held his gaze. “There’s hope. A glimmer of hope. I can feel it.” she closed her eyes and s—-d in a breath. “I’ve never felt this way all my life. Its a new feeling and I’m so sure of it. It brings me joy. I have no reason to escape,” she reopened them. “Jeremy’s going to get me from you.”
That sent a shiver down his spine. He shuddered slightly. He was relieved she was not able to notice his little fears and insecurity. “You sound so confident. Why is that?” Jeremy had not contacted her in any way. He was too careful, no one most have seen him or followed him. He made sure she gets no contact. Why was she speaking with so much conviction?
“I believe he has feelings for me. Even if its not love, I’m sure he’ll search for me and would not spare anyone who messes with me,” she boldly informed him, sounding courageous.
“Suit yourself,” he mumbled and walked out of the room, locking her in.
Purity plodded. She plodded round the room in deep thoughts. He had to come. Jeremy was to rescue her. She believed in him. She hoped in him. She had faith in him. Before it all goes bad, he’d do something. She had love in him. She had given her heart to him. She was sure of it this time. Purity Theodore’s no more afraid to love. She had a big grin seated on her pretty face.
Her words troubled him. It told him something was wrong. Something bad could happen. He had to act fast. It had to be urgent. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing her again.
Her dug his hand into his pocket and brought out his cell phone. He quickly dialled a number. “I’m heading to your place.”
“Aaron!” Prudence called, she sounded worried and tensed. She had not heard from her only daughter for five days now. She could not take it anymore. She had to see her, hug her, talk to her, know how she’s doing. It couldn’t happen because Purity had gone missing. Something had to be done. Its not like her daughter to just disappear that way. No matter how crazy Purity was, she’d never go away for days. She was always scared, away from her family. She never really liked staying all by herself.
“My darling,” Aaron answered, trying to ease every bit of concern out of himself.
“Can’t you see its getting up to a week?” she raised her voice at him – a thing she hardly does. She couldn’t help it. “I need my daughter back. My Purity! Let her come home.”
Aaron took his wife by the hand and led her to a couch. He sat her down and gently rubbed her shoulders, placing her head on his laps. “She’s fine, my darling. She’s okay. I promise she’ll get home. You will see her,” he comforted his wife in a soothing tone. “Be strong.” He took a deep breath, trying to swallow his forthcoming tears. The truth was that he wasn’t strong. When it came to Purity, he was weak. He was trying to be brave for his family. He hoped that Jeremy was rescue her soon. That hope kept him from going crazy.

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