[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 82

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 82
She was startled to hear her name. No just the name – the very person who had called her by that name. She looked up at him and gasped. “Jeremy. What are you doing here?”
He smiled and took the seat opposite her. “I saw you and came over.”

“Saw me?” she couldn’t quite get it. She had been sitting all by herself since Ernest left to meet Purity. She had been so engrossed in her thoughts, hatching a plan. A plan that could make Jeremy hers for life. She wasn’t certain yet, but she’d cherish the moments she was going to spend with him. But how long had he been here? Had he seen her with Ernest? She had even lost track of time. “Have you been here for up to an hour?”
Jeremy glanced at his watch. “Um….not really. Let me say ten minutes.” He looked back at her.
“Oh,” Then he had not seen her with Ernest. She heaved a Sig of relief. “What brought you here? I never knew you visit places like this.”
He chuckled. “Purity has been to a place like this.”
“She’s still on your mind, huh?” she muttered with a glint of unhappiness in her eyes.
Jeremy brushed that aside. “Why are you here?”
“Um….” she held his gaze, smiling gleefully. “I’m here to celebrate all by myself. You had said nice words to me today. It made me happy. My day was blissful. You didn’t throw me out. I am here to celebrate all that.”
He meant that much to her? “I’m glad I could be here to join you.”
There was an empty glass in front of her. She poured wine from the bottle into it, filling it to the brim. She refilled hers too. They cheered and drank.
“Would you please call me Purity for once?” Tricia requested.
Jeremy coughed immediately. “What?”
“Just look at me the way you look at her, even just tonight. Tell me the nice things you say to her. Please, do it just once.” Her voice was exceedingly subtle. She never left hush gaze. Her eyes were full of warmth and compassion. She expressed what she really felt for him and dropped the subtle hints of anger she felt towards towards him for choosing Purity over her.
“But you are not Purity. It doesn’t make sense calling you that,” Jeremy protested. He was not ready to give up his chance of being with Purity. Not for Tricia. No matter how much she love him, Purity will always come first. No one else.
“Do it for me, please.” Tricia insisted.
Jeremy sighed and rolled his eyes. “Just tell me a pet name you want me to call you,” he blurted out.
Tricia beamed. That’s it!
“Keep your voice down!” Ernest commanded Purity. She was screaming on top of her voice. He had just dealt with a man who had followed him and presently, she was making a lot of noise. How was he going to handle her? He flashed a torch at her direction. “Stop it!” he warned, again.
The feel of rays of light on her face calmed her. She squinted her eyes and threw her face from the face of the torch. She was panting and sweating. She had strained herself by shrieking loudly. “So, its you! You!” she yelled.
Ernest couldn’t get it. Whatever was she talking about? “Where you expecting someone else?”
“D–n you!” she fiercely shot at him. “How can you do this to me? You don’t even have an ounce of decency to tidy this place up and make it much more convenient for me? Do you know how frightened I’ve been? You say you love me and you treat me like trash!” She let the tears freely fall. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Ernest really locked her up. There was no food or water for her to drink. She was bundled to a chair like a criminal should be, but she was no criminal. She was simply having feelings for a man. What was going to happen to her? What was he going to do with her? She couldn’t decide or conclude yet. She was stricken with fear and intense hatred for the man standing before her.
Ernest couldn’t stand to see her cry. He allowed the bags he carried fall to the ground and rushed to her. He gently took her in his arms. “I’m so sorry, my love. I’ve been so stupid and reckless. I haven’t taken good care of you. Forgive me, forgive me, my darling.” he comforted her.
Purity rested fully on his back. “Untie me. I’m hurting,” she pleaded, weakly.
“I’ll do just that,” Ernest acquiesced.

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