[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 102

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 102
He trotted to the control center and the others trailed. He got busy to work.
“Jeremy,” Ernest blurted out. “You’ve got to forgive me. I really am sorry. Please, let it go.”
Jeremy looked up at him. He was hurt, really hurt. Still, he had to let it go. Pride and ego wasn’t gonna get in his way. He smiled sincerely, “I forgive you. It was difficult, I mean it is. But I do.”
Ernest was relieved. He felt happy. He smiled in return.
“All cameras down.” Darren informed.
They turned to him.
“The house is ours now. We’re gonna split and search for her discreetly as we can. Allan would soon be here. Lets move it.”
“I can’t breathe,” Purity whinned, “Move back. You are just too close.”
“Do you know how long I’ve waited and wanted to be alone with you? Let me enjoy it!”
“Annoying jerk!” Purity cursed. “Let me go!” she screamed.
“Wild as a horse. You’re exactly the same.”
“Let go!” she shoved him out of her face with all the strength she had.
“I’m Jayden Cristiano, you b—h!” he yelled at her, stepping back.
“Don’t you dare call me names,” she warned, panting. “Wait, did you just say Jayden? Jayden?” The J and Y. It did not mean Jeremy, it meant Jayden. She’d been a fool to think only the name ‘Jeremy’ had a J and Y. “What the heck are you? I don’t know you!”
“You know who the hell I am! I need my revenge.” he stared murderously at her.
She did not like his gaze. It was dangerous. It seemed his eyes were gonna stop her from taking in more oxygen. “What silly revenge have you been ranting about?”
“You remember the guy you hit in the presence of the world? You slapped me on the face for the world to see. Now, you claim you don’t know me?” he explained. It was embarrassing recalling that event.
Yeah. He was right. Now, she knew who he was. A guy who wouldn’t let her be. Who pried into her private life and wanted to force his way into her heart. She never gave him that permission and he wasn’t gonna break her rules. “You were embarrassing me. I couldn’t take it anymore.” she paused, rubbed her forehead and then continued with her defense. “You just wouldn’t let me be. Believe me, I never wanted to. I was pushed to the wall by you. I had to bounce back.”
“By hitting me?” he snarled.
“You wouldn’t listen to my words.”
“I loved you and just wanted you to be my girlfriend.”
“And I said I wasn’t interested,” she folded her arms and her lips pouted.
He ran a hand through his hair roughly, “Well all that’s over now. You’re gonna pay.”
“That is the reason you disappeared into thin air?” she asked brusquely.
“I’m gonna have my revenge,” he repeated firmly.
“How the hell am I gonna pay?” she retorted.
“You’ll feel the same pain I did.”
She twisted her lips. “You’re gonna hurt someone you claim to have loved?”
“I did love you.”
“Hell no, you didn’t. It was an obsession and it was getting on my nerves. I had to do something. And I did!”
“An error on your part. You’d regret it.”
“How?” she rolled her eyes.´
“I’ve got a private plane waiting for us. We’re leaving for Paris.”
Purity scoffed. “You can’t do that. I am not going anywhere with you!”
“I can, my darling,” he replied softly.
“You wouldn’t dare,” she ruffled her hair. “How’s that gonna make me pay?”
He roved around her, circling her with each step he took. “In Paris, you’d be my lover. I’d take away your virginity and later on, break up with you for the whle world to see,” he smiled wickedly. “I can be cruel if I wanna be.”
“You are cruel!” she spat out.
“Move it!”
He grabbed hold of her hand, yanking her to his side without being considerate if she was gonna hurt. Securely holding her, he unlocked the door easily.
Purity groaned. The d–n door that had refused to open when she wanted to run away. She struggled with Jayden to free herself. It wasn’t working – just like all the other times. She was weak in power when it came to men. But she wasn’t gonna let him humiliate her that way.
Jayden pushed the door open, pulled Purity out and closed it behind him.
“Don’t move!” a voice ordered, stopping him from taking any step.

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