[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 100

[Story]  AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 100

Darren forgot he was about to chide his friend on hearing Ernest’s statement. Without a thought, he hit the brakes and slewed the vehicle off the road and shut the engine. “Sure this is it?”

“It sure is,” Ernest confirmed.
Jeremy did not utter a word. He just stared at the big black gate. “Whoever did this must have a lot of power,” he mumbled.
“Ernest, you’re gonna go to jail. Why do you even wanna help us?” Darren asked.
“Its not in anyway gonna reduce your sentence,” Jeremy curtly said.
“It could.”
Ernest sighed. “I know all of that. And I’m not doing this just to get out of prison or escape it. I deserve to pay for my crimes. But I wanna do something good before ending up there.”
“Are you sure about this?” Darren questioned.
“I am.”
Jeremy was not interested if Ernest had changed or not. It didn’t appeal to him. He just did not give a d–n about that. Saving Purity was of more concern to him. “How do we get her?”
“I have an idea.” Darren smiled.
David Cayson sat behind the wheels of his police car, driving to a street he never knew existed in New York city. Three other vehicles of similar brand trailed behind his. Riding with him were Myles and the doctor he just met. They were on a rescue mission.
“Forgive me, Tricia,” he whispered bitterly. The pain he felt at his heart could not be compared to any physical pain. The pain was doing a lot of damage to him. He was unable to accept the fact that his daughter – his very on little girl of yesterday had become something else, someone he does not recognize. Hearing it from the two gentlemen sounded ridiculous. But they convinced him, it was true. Now, his daughter was not just a shadow of herself but an imagination of her own self. She lived according to her thoughts. Her new self was merely of fantasy.
He sighed, wringling those thoughts out of his head. He’ll figure out a way to save her later. Now was the time to save Purity. Purity Theodre – his daughter’s role model and arch-enemy.
“They’re at his place,” Allan broke the silence, interrupting David’s thinking as well. “The place of the guy who had her kidnapped.”
“Have they gone in yet?” Myles asked.
“Um… It seems so.”
“We gotta hurry.”
“No,” Allan refused. “They’ve got a plan. Lets not burst in there and ruin it! Spoil their show.”
David chuckled. “Is this what it means to you? A show? Its live and direct boy.”
“I know. I-”
“Lets hope his mighty ‘plan’ of theirs doesn’t get them into trouble.” He breathed deeply. “I’m gonna step on the accelerator and the rest would follow.”
They led her gently out of the room she had just changed in. She was going to meet with Jeremy. At last! Acting like a baby was what she thought of doing. Screaming excitedly, jumping exhilaratingly and scurring off to find him. She just had to act cool and bottle up those feelings inside of her. She wasn’t gonna let people wonder if she had gone crazy.
“Do you speak French?” the maid inquired.
“What? What did you say?” Purity asked. She hadn’t quite heard her vividly.
“French? You know it?”
“Nope. I do not know. Why should I?” Purity asked, bewildered.
“The boss does. Just got back from Paris.”
They stopped right in front of a massive door. “This is it.” the maid finally said and they left Purity standing by herself.
She did not have the chance to reply the maid. Jeremy speaks French? She had no idea he did. Or was it not Jeremy? Was it someone else? The happiness she felt slowly crept away. The feelings of anxiety, fright, nervousness found their way back into her. Purity groaned. “Don’t I deserve to be happy?” she whispered. “I’m gonna know what this is about.”
Shuffling towards the door, she pushed it open and it gave way easily. That added to her fears, but she wasn’t gonna back out. She quickly stepped in, hoping to keep the door open. But it jammed itself right after she got in. That did not make her comfortable. Sighing, she turned her back to the door. She looked around; it was study room, but it wasn’t her business.
“Bonjour Mademoiselle,” a masculine voice greeted.
“So it was never Jeremy Broderick.”

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