[Story] Corper Grace Episode 7

[story] Corper Grace Episode 7

We stayed in that position for some couple of seconds starring at each other and within a twinkle of an eye, our lips were locked in a life giving passionate kiss.  Ouch!! It was really romantic.
Thirty seconds into the kiss, i found my hands on her boobs squeezing and tickling her nipples i didn’t even know what was wrong with me but i noticed she was enjoying what i was doing to her from her moans. ***winks*** 
Two minutes later, my right hand  found it’s way i under her top and began to work wonders on her bosoms and this time around her tempo increased.
Few seconds later, i raised her top revealing her inviting bosoms and immediately, i disengaged my lips from hers as i kissed her neck and yes!!  She was really moaning aloud.

I kissed her downwards in a descending manner stopping on her bosoms.  
In no time, i buried her tips in my mouth as i began to suck them interchangeably putting her cleavage into consideration.
Few minutes later, i found my hand on her short, i unhooked it and my hand continued it’s mission and behold Grace is badly wet.
I finally inserted my finger into her hole after playing around the walls of her kitty and began to finger bleep her with one finger at first and then two and finally three and her moans increased with that effect.
I later on, pulled off her short and that was when i realised that both my trouser and boxer had been pulled off long time ago.  ***How did i even know it was pulled off long time ago? LOL*** 
Without thinking twice, i slide my iron rod into her wet pus#y my heart skipped beats as she gasp for breath and to my greatest surprise Grace is tight.
“Don’t cum inside of me ” she said amidst her moans and immediately, i began to thrust in and out of her as she was moaning to the rhyme of my thrusts.
Seven minutes later, we switched to Pretzel dip s-x position; with Grace lying on her right side and i knee, She straddled her right leg, and curled her left leg around my right side. Of cause, i really got her this time because; i i i loooovvvveeee yyyooouuu baby, oooooouuuuuucccchhhh, yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh,  i i i loooovvvveeee you  Nuel,  Fffffuuuuuccccckkkkkk, ssssshhhhiiiittt. Was her response to the stimuli my d–k was giving her.
After about 5 minutes of hot banging, she cummed and i also did afterwards. Gosh!! I forgot her warning earlier and when i  remembered, its already late.
“Shebi i warned you?” Said Grace looking disappointed 
“Am sorry it wasn’t intentional.” I replied as i lay by her side.
“Don’t worry dear, i will take care of it.” She said smiling while i looked away shyly.
I was lost in my thoughts, as silence took over the room. I began to feel bad for deliberately taking advantage of my own teacher. I was like;
“Am so dead!! What have i done?” I asked my silently.
“How on earth am i gonna face her?” I continued asking my self.
“But she never resisted” still talking to my self silently.
“What are you thinking about? Grace asked interrupting my thoughts as she held my hand forcing me to face her again.
“Am.. am.. am sorry” i shuttered nervously
“Sorry for what?” Asked Grace curiously
“For. For. For. Taking advantage of you, i promise it will never happen again” i apologised seriously      
“Oh no, you never took advantage of me, i did instead, sorry about that” she said calmly.
“All that happened before now and now, you know what am talking about, they all happened because am… paused for a while as she scanned my face. “Am helplessly in Love with you” she dropped the bomb shell, shocking me with her words.
Of cause, i was really shocked to the bone marrows because, that was the last word i had ever expected from her.
“Yes!! You heard me right, I Love You, Emmanuel” she added while i watched her mouth agape in total astonishment.

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