[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 74

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 74
She took a deep breath. The pains she felt were really agonizing. It had spread from her head to the other parts of her body. Something had to be done. The need for her to feel her temperature surged through her entire being. She had to do it.

Her hand didn’t move. It was stuck. She tried again and that hurt her even more. She turned her neck to see why her hands refused to cooperate, it was then she realized that she – not just her arms – was fastened to the chair she sat on. Her hands were tied behind her with a rope – which caused her lots of pains. Her entire body was tied to the chair, so were her legs. That was why she ached all over. What was she doing? Jeremy had been the last person she saw till. . . . . . . .
“Oh, no,” she whispered.
Ernest fastened his eyes on her face. He’d been watching her every move. He noticed the shock on her face having realized that she was captured. Those expressions made her look prettier in his eyes. His desire and cravings for her intensified. This is the woman of my dreams, I’d do everything for her, he thought, silently. It hurt him to hurt her, but that was the only way he could make her his. “Sweet, welcome back.”
Purity raised her head to gaze at him. She was weak, exhausted. She yearned for a good rest, food and water. She couldn’t fathom why she was all tied up and how long she had been that way. She just wanted to be set free. “Please, untie me. I need to be released.”
He smirked and moved closer. “Of course darling, I’ll release you. But, under one condition.”
“Let me hear it.” The urge to rip that disgusting smirk off his face seeped into her blood. She so much wanted to have her revenge, it wasn’t the right time. She just had to act cool.
He was directly at her front. He dropped to his knees so as to see her eye to eye. “You have to call off the marriage with my precious cousin,” he snickered. “And you’ll be my wife.”
Purity coughed and spat on his face. “I’ll never choose you over Jeremy! You’re a stupid, arrogant demon! You’ll die waiting for me to ever become yours.” The energy she used in speaking to him, suddenly evoked her. He was being unreasonable. She’d never betray Jeremy that way.
He quickly mopped up the liquid from his face with a towel. “Melisa, you have done this before. I won’t take it from you this time around.”
In a blink, he stretched out his right arm and held her face tightly. He trusted his head forward and fiercely devoured her lips. He forced his way into her mouth, sucking her tongue and licking her lips. It was what he badly wanted and he had finally gotten it.
Purity didn’t know what he was thinking or what he was about to do when he violently took hold of her precious face. He kissed her demandingly. Ah, she hated this much more. She groaned, trying to free herself from his hungry kiss. She struggled with all her might, but it was all in vain. Her hands and legs were not active to help her out of the situation she was in. An idea struck her! She shook her entire body violently, with all her might, hoping to get his lips off hers. Her head was not an exception. She shook it too.
Her idea seemed to work. Ernest was very much preoccupied with tasting her lips. He didn’t give attention to anything else. As she had her way, she bit his upper lip, fiercely.
Ernest shrieked, painfully as he let go of her and staggered backwards. He touched his lip which Purity had bitten hard. It hurt but it didn’t bleed. He was thankful for that. He rubbed it. “Why did you do it?”
Purity grunted. If she had her way, she’d have bitten his entire lips off and made sure he wouldn’t force his revolting lips on any woman ever again. “This would be the very last time you’d kiss me again.”
He laughed. “You’re still full of energy, huh?”
She didn’t say a word to his taunt. Her angry eyes just stared into his – warning him.
“Oh, my dear Melisa,” he moved closer to her, “I sure kiss better than Jeremy. I think that’s why you had to stop yourself. You were going to fall for my very touch and me, only me clouded your mind.”
“He’s a better kisser!” she retorted.
Ernest chuckled. “Then, maybe I have to go and do some more practice. The next time, perhaps, we might end up tearing each other’s clothes. I’d make sure Jeremy hears of it.”
“When you have me tied up here? You’re sick Ernest! It’d only happen in your dreams. You’ll never have me.” She was visibly scared and shaking. Her effort to put up a brave front wasn’t easy. She was deeply terrified.
He laughed bitterly, “I have you now.” He caressed her face with his right palm.

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