[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 70

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 70

“Who found me? How did they get me here?” He still couldn’t lay his fingers on it.

“I think it was Aaron Theodore. I don’t know the full detail.” The fact that his fiancee had been kidnapped had not fully registered on his brain. “She really was kidnapped? Its hard to believe.”

“I don’t know how to tell her parents and brothers. I just don’t know how to. Its so confusing.”

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“We’d do something about it. I will help you out.” Allan resumed his seat and kept thinking on how to find Purity and get Jeremy out of the mess he was in now. “Why don’t we inform the cops? They’ll start investigating soon.”

“No, no, no.” Jeremy protested. “I have a better idea. Please hand me your cell.”

Allan willingly gave it to him. Jeremy collected it happily and scrolled through the contact list. In no time, the cell was on his left ear. He waited for the call to be answered and for a response.

“Doctor Allan,” a masculine voice called excitedly over the phone. “Its so nice of you to call.”

Jeremy smiled on hearing his voice. The voice of his childhood buddy. He was still the same, he could tell from the voice. “Detective Darren, its been a long time. How are you faring over there?”

Allan grinned widely on hearing the name – Darren. Now, he knew Jeremy’s idea.

“No. This isn’t my doctor’s voice,” there was silence for a while. “Oh, yeah! Its my boss, the only heir to the Broderick’s. Jeremy Broderick, how are you?”

He smiled gleefully. It seemed his problems where starting to disappear. “Well, I’m kinda okay. I’ll get straight to the point. I need your help-”

Allan snatched the phone from Jeremy, taking him by surprise. “We need your help. Get to New York as fast as you can. We really need you man.” He tapped the red button when he finished pleading. He had gotten his friend’s attention. He knew he’d return to New York in a day or two. He smiled to himself.

Jeremy stared at him, visibly upset, “What was that for?”

“He’ll be here soon. His curiosity and concern will drive him down here.”

“Oh,” It was Jeremy’s turn to smile. “Smart doc.”
She nodded, showing gratitude to the nurse that had directed her to the bathroom. She turned and swiftly walked to Jeremy’s room. After having a refreshing bath, she was going to dress seductively and have Jeremy drool all over her. The time in the world belonged to her to get him, but she was going to use them wisely and make him need and only want her for the rest of his life. She smiled to herself as she continued walking to meet him. She was so much enjoying her plans being played in her mind. She felt she had won, she had succeeded. She hadn’t smiled this much, neither had she felt this happy in days.

As the door neared her, she saw Jeremy and the doctor discussing. He was still here?, she wondered. What were they talking about? Her interest was aroused. She tiptoed to the door and positioned her right ear to the door, to catch everything being said by the duo.
“Doc, I think there’s a surveillance camera at that house,” Jeremy blurted out with a look of uncertainty.

“What?” Allan responded. He was taken unawares by Jeremy’s sudden outburst.

Jeremy tried to think harder, “Did I say one? There should be lots of them.”

“Jeremy, calm down. Let it out, one at a time. Breathe, breathe.”

He took a deep a deep breath in and out. “That was my third time of being there. I noticed that there are cameras placed for observation. They are very tiny and not easily seen. I doubt Purity would know of them. But I had caught a glimpse of them once or twice.”

“Hmm. If the cameras are really there, we need to get the tapes and see who is behind this whole scheme,” Allan replied, thoughtfully.

“Yes, real fast. I need to find my princess, I really need to save her.”
“B——s!” Tricia was enraged. She was vitriolic. “He remembers, he knows everything, but he pretended not to. He’s a betrayer. He had been deceiving me.”

Unable to control her emotions, she pushed the door open, violently and made her presence known by not the doctor and patient. She walked with heavy steps.

“What are you doing here?” Allan questioned.
Both he and Jeremy were startled by her rude entry.

She glared at Allan. “I came to get my things,” she threw a cold look at Jeremy and proceeded to pick up her things.

They watched her in silence.

“Have a great day,” she wished them halfheartedly and made to leave. She slammed the door behind her.

“I don’t trust her one bit.”Allan muttered.


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