[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 50

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 50

Her statement troubled him more. “What do you mean by that? Help me with what? I don’t remember texting you or calling you to come help me out.”

She rolled her eyes. “Relax, I know you didn’t ask for my help. As a good friend that I’ve always been, I figured out you need it.”

Jeremy scratched his head. “What kind of help are you here to offer?”

She grinned. “You are heartbroken. You are in need of a company.”

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He gave a mocking laugh. “Who told you I’m heartbroken?”

“I said, I just figured out you could be.” She shifted uncomfortably on the chair.

He shook his head in amusement. “Now, your help isn’t needed. Please, leave.”

Tricia pursed her lips. Now, that didn’t work out. Something else has to. “Why do you hate my presence this much? Jeremy, we’ve been friends, more than friends for close to four years now. Suddenly, you begin disliking me? What did I do wrong? Any time I come to visit, its either you throw me out or walk out on me.” She stood up and paced around his office.

Jeremy silently examined her.

“Today, I came to render assistance,” She turned to face him. “I know you are not okay after seeing what you saw last night. I came to help you get better and now you ask me to leave? I’m heartbroken too.”

He instantly felt sorry for her. Maybe she truly wanted to help him. “Tricia, sit down. I’m sorry for reacting the way I did. Honestly, I am not fine.”

She smiled to herself and resumed her seat. “What is bothering you?”

He placed his left elbow on his desk and rested his head on that arm. “I just don’t get it. What were they doing out there all alone in the dark? That was Purity’s engagement party. How could she? What does she even have with Ernest?”

“I’m as confused as you are. Don’t know why Ernest broke my heart this way,” she muttered sadly.

Jeremy stared at her. “What’s with you? Weeks before that party, you were all over me and even wanted to work with me. Now you say you’re heartbroken, how is that even possible?”

That question hit her hard. “You want me to keep mourning you? I dare not. I’ve got other things to do.”

He kept looking at her in askance. “I really hope that’s true.” He was sure she wasn’t saying the truth. He could read her like a book. “Have you heard from Ernest? What did he tell you?”

She shook her head. “Nothing. Have you?”

“I don’t even like him. There’s something sinister about him. Need to talk to Purity before anyone else. He might tell lies about her.”

“Talk to him first. Your virgin might be the one lying. You never can tell.”

“You sound so convinced, like you know a lot about her. Tell me what you know.”

“I don’t know anything.” She denied.

Jeremy wasn’t buying that. “Out with it.”

She sighed. “Okay. Don’t tell anyone about this. Ernest mentioned to me that they had met years back and kind of dated.”

Jeremy couldn’t believe what he just heard. Dated? Dated? Purity had told him she had never dated any guy. He was the person who had stolen her first kiss. What was this devil trying to do? Split them apart? He was suddenly crazed with anger. “Who gave you the guts to say such lies about my fiancee to my face?” he hauled himself off the swivel chair.

Tricia was scared. “Its… Its..the…..truth.”

“The truth? What do you hope to gain if you put us apart? Purity was in Ernest arms last night. You took me up and showed them to me. How did you even know they were there, together? You two most have planned it. I don’t even get how Ernest is involved but you, you’re no exception.”

Tricia was ashamed of herself. She had to cover it up. “How dare you accuse me of that? Yes, I was in love with you, but I no longer do. I…. I only told you what he told me. I’m hurt as well. The second time by two cousins. Jeremy, I’m hurt.”

“Get out!” he barked at her.

She didn’t know what demon had possessed Jeremy. She hadn’t seen him that way before. He trusted Purity so much and protected her. We’ll see if that trust remains after what he saw and what she just told him. Let’s see if he can protect her from this, she thought silently to herself. Receiving one more blank look from Jeremy, she scurried away.


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