[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 49

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 49

Files piled up on his desk and Adam his P.A kept bringing in more and more files. They all needed his signature. He wished Adam could sign just like him so he’d get to sign on those papers. Jeremy was in no mood to work. He still couldn’t get over the shock he felt last night. Seeing Purity in the arms of his cousin got him crazy. It was appaling.
He never imagined Purity doing that. But Tricia took him there and she had told him she was with Ernest. Could it be that they plotted that? Ernest just arrived, how was that even possible? Purity bothered him more, he had to know what she was doing with that man. She was pure? Had she been lying to him? There were so many douts, he just didn’t know what to think anymore.

The door of his office opened, Adam walked in, carrying a pile of files. Jeremy stared at him motionless.

“Sir?” Adam was worried about his boss. He has entered his office up to three times and his boss had just sat down without saying a word to him. He wasn’t his normal cheerful self. Something was wrong. He had to be happy, only last night he had his engagement part, why is he now sulky? Adam couldn’t bear to see his boss that way. He had to help him. He so much wanted to.
“Sir?” he called again.

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Jeremy didn’t respond.

Adam gently squeezed his shoulder.

Jeremy shuddered on fright, feeling a hand on his shoulder. When he got to see that it was Adam, he tried calming his nerves.

“Don’t be scared, boss. Its me, Adam.” he tried to pacify him. Seeing his reaction, he knew that all was not well. “I don’t think you are fine.”

Jeremy groaned and relaxed back on the chair. He raked a hand through his hair. “Is my fiancee here?” She was still his, no matter how angry he was at her.

“You mean Purity Theodore?” Adam was relieved that his boss had spoken.

He nodded in affirmation.

“No. No one’s here.”

Jeremy glanced at his wrist watch. What’s keeping her? She should be here by now. “If she comes, please let her in.”

“Alright. Are you okay?”

That question was unexpected. “I am fine.”

“I don’t think you are. There is so much work to do and you’ve not done any.” He drew his attention to the piled up files on his desk. “Not only that, you haven’t said a word to me this morning until now. You are not yourself. If you are not okay, you should rest. All these can wait.”

Jeremy was impressed. There was someone who cared about him besides his family. He felt loved, like any brother would have for him. He smiled in appreciation. “Thanks Adam. I’ll just wait here in my office for Purity and rest at the same time.”

Adam was happy. “That will be better. I’m sure Miss Theodore can help you feel better. I’m off.”

Inwardly, Jeremy hoped that Purity would make him feel better. She just had to. The way he felt, only she had made him that way. He had never been that angry at any woman before, neither had he been jealous. It was good he could keep is feelings in check. It would have been too bad for his cousin if he didn’t know how. He’d have strangled him.

He raised his head and was stunned to see a female figure sitting comfortably on a chair opposite him. There was a lovely smile on her face which he considered disgusting. Her appearance was only going to add to his troubles. If Purity comes and find them together? He had to get rid of her.
“How did you get in here without my knowledge?”

She smiled broadly. “When I got here, you were deep in thoughts. So, I preferred sitting here and waiting till you got back from the world of fantasy.”

Darn it! Was he that absorbed in those thoughts? “Did you even knock?”

“I don’t need to knock. I’m already familiar with this company.”

A slight frown of disapproval appeared on Jeremy’s face. Arguing with her wasn’t on his menu, the little strength he had, he had to reserve it for Purity-that would be hell.
“Tell me what you came for?”

“You are looking weary, are you good?” She bluntly ignored his statement.

“If you don’t have anything doing here, get out.” He was rude, but that didn’t bother him.

Tricia wrinkled her nose. “I know you’re still hurt and getting over what you saw last night. I’m here to help.”


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