[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 40

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 40
Taking a handkerchief from her purse, she mopped the perspiration forming on her forehead. She folded the handkerchief in her right hand and moved.
A gentle step at a time, she found herself at a doorway. Carefully, she turned round to be sure is she was the only one there. 
Seeing no one, she proceeded to open the door. Slowly, the door creaked open. She entered and closed it. She hesitated before turning to see what was in the room. When she finally turned her back to the door, she gasped in amazement. Her left hand covered her slightly opened mouth.
Everything about this room was so magnificent. The tiled floor glowed. The walls were painted orange. The cream curtains were transparent, they billowed on the walls. Right in the middle of the room stood a round, majestic dinner table. A lovely silver material ran all over it. On it were different bottles of wine and lots of delicacies. From where she stood, she could see baked lemon sole with lemon and caper paste, flambed chicken with asparagus, one-pan duck with savor cabbage. The aroma filled her nose and made her mouth water. And there was Jeremy, settled on one of the two dining chairs that stood opposite eachother. He smiled gleefully on seeing her. He left his chair and walked over to meet her.
Purity’s heartbeat increased as he took each step to where she stood. Jeremy was looking so good. He was a very attractive man. He was dressed in a black tuxedo and his foot wear was a classic sneakers. His smile melted her heart. For a moment, her breath was taken away. She kept staring in awe till he approached her. Then, he did the unimaginable.
As he was very close to her, he took her by the hand, and flung her into his arms. He embraced her. Purity was startled beyond all reasonable doubts. Gradually, she settled in his embrace. This had never happened. She held on to him. The scent of his cologne and after shave filled her nostrils. He really had good taste. The scent was nice. She smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder.
Jeremy was pleased to see her. Very pleased. Her dressed was so sexy, he so much loved it. She looked very gorgeous. Feeling her soft feminine body on him got him excited. She was really something. He was glad she didn’t resist him.
“Thank you for coming,” he whispered.
She didn’t respond.
He released her from his arms. “Lets have dinner.”
He walked her to a dining chair and settled her in. He want back to his and got in.
“Do you like it?” he was grinning.
She smiled back. “I love it. You went through all these trouble for me.”
“You deserve it because you are special. Lets eat.”
She blushed.
“Why did you call me here?” Tricia queried.
“I want you to tell me everything about your ex!” he demanded.

She sniggered. “What for? I guess, Purity doesn’t want to come back to you. She is in love with him. Every woman falls head over heels in love with him.”
The thought of his Melisa in love with another man infuriated him. This woman was making him imagine what he never wanted to imagine. He could drain the life out of her if she made one more sound. “Hold it! Melisa won’t ever love him. She belongs to me. She can never love a man.”
That intrigued her. “You seem to know much about this Melisa. Is she the same as Purity?” She thought for a while. “Oh, I’m beginning to get it. The name she gave you wasn’t her real name. That’s why you asked for her name last night.”
He nodded in agreement. This woman got brains.
“What do you intend to do?”
“Make her mine. Ruin that relationship.”
She smiled devilish. “I want him too.”
“You sounded worried when you called this morning. What was the problem?” She was concerned about him.
He wiped his mouth and held her gaze. “Its nothing. I’m a lot more better now.” he smiled reassuringly.
“Okay.” She tapped the table. “I-I have something important to tell you.” her heart began thudding, again.
Was she going to break his heart. Tell him that she couldn’t marry him again? She was not interested in being with someone she didn’t love? He had so many doubts. The previous night, he had vowed to his father to make Purity his wife forever. He had never taken aother woman seriously- not even Tricia. He was going to make her love him and he’d love her to. What she wanted to tell him must wait. “I have something more important.”
She waved her head. “This is more urgent. Its-”
“Will you marry me?” he proposed, unequivocally.

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