[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 38

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 38

He hauled himself off the chair. “You promised to come back.”

“I was drunk for crying out loud! I didn’t do those things on purpose. You know I never wanted to do that. I was so naive. You got me drunk and attempted to kiss me. You started those nonsense. I hate you for that!”

His eyes were now cold and blank. “Who wouldn’t want to? What man would have that opportunity and not want to try to have something with you? That’s the past. I have come for you. Been searching for you for nine years. Be my wife.”

She snickered. “You are too late for that. I am engaged to be married.” she proudly informed him.

“I don’t see an engagement ring on your finger,” he remarked, staring at her let hand.

Oops! She didn’t see that coming. “You’re gonna see it soon. Accept defeat, you have lost.”
The sad look on his face told her something. He was disappointed. He must be surprised at the change. She was no more sixteen; she was twenty-five and could maker her decisions. Right now, she decided to marry Jeremy for him and not because of his father or anything. “I’m done with you. Walk away or I’d call security.”

“Do you know who I am?” he asked, he too had wealth and power.

She tossed her head, right and left. “Nope. I don’t care to know. Its my property you’re standing on and I have every right to kick you off it. I will find great pleasure doing so.”

D–n! She was extremely rude. What happened to her? Was it the alcohol that changed her that day? If he’d met her like this, he wouldn’t be crazy for her. It was too late now. He’d already given his heart to her and she must accept it. “You think the man you’ve chosen is good enough for you? He’s a man, like the rest. We all want the same thing-your body. Come with me. I’m gonna take care of you. I’m honest. He’s just lying.”

She smiled. “He’s different and much more better than you.”

“You hate them.”

“And I hate you too.”

“Do you love him?” A very stupid question to ask. She mustn’t love any man.

“You just said I hate him, all men.”

“You aren’t scared of him? Not scared of loving him? You are not afraid?”

Her feelings really didn’t matter. Dealing with this man was more important. “The hate I feel for him is not as much as what I feel for you and other men. I love him.” She was shocked at the revelation herself. Was she in love with Jeremy? How come she said it? It really felt good saying it. This man must feel really, really bad.

It was late. Just too late. She’d given her heart to another man. Just who was this man? He had to find out more about him; he definitely would. Melisa belonged to him. That marriage wasn’t gonna work out as long as he was still alive. He still had points to prove. “He knows about your prom night? You gave him every detail?” It was his turn to make her feel bad.

Oh, no! He shouldn’t be going there! He shouldn’t. God!

“I can just imagine how hurt he’d feel when he hears what happened that very night.”

He really got her this time. He was gonna tell Jeremy? Had he seen his the previous night? She had to act fast, really fast.
“I don’t keep secrets from him. We love eachother that much.” She ruffled her hair. “Besides that, you don’t even know him.”

He smiled mockingly. Love indeed. “I found you, didn’t I?” he asked rhetorically and stormed out of her office.

Great! A single, stupid, foolish mistake could ruin one’s life in a moment. This man wasn’t gonna ruin her life. She’d have to get to Jeremy first. No b—–d was gonna come between them. Especially not one like Ernest. He deserved to be in jail. She hated him more and more.

Her cell phone buzzed in her purse. She dug around her purse for the cell phone. She found it. Jeremy was calling.
“Hi, Jeremy.” She tried to sound as cool as she could be.

“Purity, could we have dinner tonight?” his husky voice said over the phone.

Phew! Ever since she’d met him, every night had been a dinner date. She couldn’t refuse. She could tell him all about Ernest tonight. It wasn’t a bad idea. “Alright. The address?”

“Thanks. I’ll text it to you, later.”

He didn’t sound his normal self. “Are you okay?”

“We’ll see tonight.”


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