[Story] Corper Grace Episode 6

[story] Corper Grace Episode 6

As we made for her room, there is something that i couldn’t ascertain and that is, the cause of her happiness. She seems to very happy that very day.

Sooner, we were at the door of her room, she opened it and i entered after her banging the door behind me.    
We both settled down and began our lesson after she marked my previous assignments as usual.
In no distance time,  we were done with our lesson and in fact this time around, it seems as if i understood her teaching more than ever before.
I suggested we play a game instead of gisting with the mindseat  that i would escape that day’s temptation but i never knew what was in stock for me. We were like:
ME: ***Smiled*** Lets play a game
Grace: ***Widens her eyes*** Game?
ME: Yeah
Grace: ***Curious*** So, what game are you talking about?

ME: ***smiled*** Watch me. ***I jumped up and brought down a ball-like balloon that was hanging on the ceiling*** Here. you got to do some exercise, you are getting more fat this days. ***I joked***
Grace: ***smiled*** seriously you no well.
ME: Now listen, when the ball is the air, whoever touches the ball 3 times without interception has one point.
Grace: hmmm, OK, in that case, i will give it a trial.
ME: ***Thank God*** Here we go; *************************************
The game began after i threw the ball up. It was really fun. After about 15 minutes of playing, then, the score was 5:3  with Grace leading am not ashamed of admitting it.
The ball was still in the air, when Grace  stroked her leg against my bag that was on the floor  as she was trying to touch the ball. She held my shirt for support but unfortunately, i also followed her direction because i wasn’t balance and we both fell on the bed with me on top of her.***Chaii***

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