[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 26

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 26
“You are scared it”ll hurt her. She’s doing you a great favour.”

“Father, I’ve got things to do. The companies will have to be merged. There’s a meeting this afternoon with the heads of the two companies. Purity will soon start working under me and I’ve got to get things ready. I can’t start talking to Tricia now.” Jeremy explained.
“Hmph! I’ll see what I can do.”
“Becareful with her.”
“Why she’d hurt me?”
“I don’t think so. Starting to hate her already. I will murder her if she does anything to you.”
“Funny you. Then why are you sending me there?”
“I don’t want to see her.”
“You don’t want to see another woman ’cause of Purity? I can see you are getting to love her.” Edwin stood up to leave.
Jeremy silently watched him.
“One more thing. Concerning that divorce thing I mentioned, it isn’t what I have in mind. I bet when you two are married, you’d never want to look at any woman.”

Jeremy had wanted to reply his father, but the man was already out of the living room. Jeremy rested on the couch. A million thoughts flooded his mind. What was his father talking about? He really never meant it when he had told him about divorce? One of his ploys of getting him together with Purity? He hadn’t even told her. What was this man plotting? What if his illness wasn’t real? He and Purity had spent some time alone, he might have told her and instructed her not to mention anything to him. Was she being greedy and selfish? If they got married and divorced, she’d get a lot from him. Purity couldn’t be after the money, still he could trust no one. Not even his father. This had just added to his troubles. He’d confront Purity, then visit the hospital to enquire of his father’s health. He got to be sure.
His cell phone buzzed in his pocket, dragging him out of his reverie. It was his P.A calling.
“The meeting’s about to begin.”
D–n! He had forgotten all about it. “I’ll be there in a jiffy.” he hung up and dashed out of the house.

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