[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 25

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 25
Edwin was startled. The glass had missed his mouth and spilled on his singlet. This was bad. He dropped the glass quickly.

“Are you mad? Jeremy what is wrong? You see what you made me do? You really scared me. I don’t have a heart for that.”
Edwin cursed his son. He got mad at him. Without waiting for a response, he stood up from the lounger and made to leave.
“Father, I’m sorry,” Jeremy humbly apologised though, he couldn’t see the wrong he had done. He followed his father in.
Edwin didn’t turn to reply his son, he kept on moving. When they got into the living room, he turned to Jeremy.
“What is it?” he queried.
Jeremy stopped and scanned his father. He noticed the stain on his single and not only that, the man was not happy. He was wearing a sad look. He looked more older than his actual age. There was no joy in his eyes.
“Father, are you okay?” Jeremy enquired, he reached out for the old man. “You don’t seem to look good.”
Edwin backed off. “I’m fine. Now, tell me what you came for,” he demanded.
Something was going on with this man, Jeremy thought. He doesn’t sound okay. Hostility was in his voice and it was very rare for him to sound that way. “I’m not saying a thing till you tell me what’s wrong with you.”
Edwin sat on the couch and rubbed his head. “Remembered your mum and the good times we had together. I feel lonely.”
His father had just lied. Jeremy was sure that his father was hiding something. It’ll come out soon, but now he had to focus on what he came for. “You can remarry if its your wish.”
Edwin shot him a grave look.
Jeremy smirked. “Tricia was at my office.”
“I was never in support of your relationship with that girl.”
“Because of Purity, I guess.”
“So you need to help me.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Tricia, she’s in love,” he bit his lips in disgust, “obsessed with me.”
Edwin sighed. “Aren’t you two over?”
He scratched his head. “We are. But she claims to still love me. She said she’d never let any other woman have me. I’ve never seen her that way. I am confused.”
“That’s a jealous woman’s talk.”
“And when women get jealous, world war three’s about to commence.”
Edwin laughed. “Its your problem. Deal with it.”

Jeremy walked over to his father and sat down with him. “Tricia isn’t all that bad. Talk to her, please. If she goes on this way, I’m sure she’d hurt me or Purity.” He wasn’t so concerned of himself, but Purity. He wouldn’t let anyone harm her and get away with it. She now had a place in his heart and he was gonna safeguard that place and her too. Using Purity, he was sure his father was going to act. He loved that girl.
“If its Purity you’re talking about, why don’t you see to this yourself?” Edwin asked showing no interest.
Jeremy frowned. “You insisted I marry her. If not that, do you think I’d be in this mess?”
“Aren’t you a grown man? Why don’t you admit it. You are getting to love Purity.”
Jeremy faked a cough. He smiled coyly. “What did you say?”
Edwin was bewildered at his son’s stupid question. “I know you heard me. I wonder why you’re always like this when I talk about love. Don’t you believe in it?”
“Sure, I do. Just don’t know. I’m still confused. Are you going to help me or not?”
Edwin shook his head.
“Its your Purity. Remember I’m filing for a divorce a year after the marriage. And I can still decide not to marry her now.”
“Emotional blackmail,” Edwin remarked laughing. “Have you told her?”

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