[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 24

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 24
He grunted and dug his hands into his hair and out. D–n! He smashed his glass against the counter. He looked like a demon in his mad state.

“Hey! Control yourself!” The waiter yelled at him.
He turned and glared at the waiter. His eyes were as cold as ice. His cold gaze sent shivers down the spine of anyone who’d see them. “What did you just say?” he snarled at the waiter who just scolded him.
The waiter trembled. His hands were shaking. “N-Nothing. Carry on. I’m sorry.” Fear could be detected from the way he spoke.
Unexpectedly, the angry man gripped the throat of the waiter. “Tell me the truth! You have never set eyes on her for the past nine years? She has never come for a drink or anything? If you don’t tell me the truth, I’ll murder you here and now!”
The waiter was not able to make a sound. He just held onto the man’s big hand struggling to free himself. He choked in the process, finding it very difficult to breathe. The angry man was stronger and tightened his grip on the waiter’s neck.
A group of persons observed what had been happening between the waiter, known as Nathan and the infuriated man. These persons were regular customers of the bar and knew Nathan. Sensing he was in trouble, they rushed to his rescue.
“What the f–k are you doing?” the first guy barked at the soon-to-be murderer.
His ears heard the voice that just spoke. He turned to face the guy. His hold on Nathan was released a bit, he hadn’t let go off him completely. He frowned as he examined him and the different guys with him.
“Let him go!” Another voice commanded.
He silently studied him. He was very hefty and muscular. He had a very wired look, strange and dangerous. He didn’t have to hear another command to free the waiter. They’d surely pounce on him if he refused. He tactfully let the waiter go. The waiter immediately began coughing, he tried to catch his breath.
“What was that for?” the first guy questioned.

“He has something I need!” he angrily replied.
“Oh, no. I don’t!” Nathan defended himself. “She hasn’t been here since that day. We’ve never set eyes on her ever since. I do not know her.” he coughed again. That was a deadly grip.
“She promised she would. You are lying.”
“To hell with you and her. Get the f–k outta here!” Nathan roared with anger.
The man filled with fury took a step towards Nathan. Expertly, the five guys that had earlier come to Nathan’s rescue, blocked him. “Leave. If you don’t want to say hello to your mama in hell to night, get lost!” a different guy challenged.
He wasn’t stupid. He knew when to retreat. He had been defeated and had lost. Surely, he’d never stop searching for this girl. He’d search till he dies. She was really precious. He smiled devilishly and dashed out of the bar. God! What on earth was happening to him? For a girl he had met only once, he’d been making a fool of himself. Nine years ago, he saw her and never caught a glimpse of her after that day. It never occurred to him that he wouldn’t see her again. Was she dead? Nine years. He didn’t even know her real name. She’d probably be married now with a kid or two. She wasn’t the marrying type, she’d never settle down. She had cried that night, telling him her deepest fears, of course; under the influence of alcohol. So beautiful, so angelic. Why had he believed her when she said she’d return the next day? Did her fear consume her? Why bother? He’d fallen in love with her and must bed her. She’s his.
Edwin was relaxing on the lounger under a parasol. He was close to the swimming pool dressed in just a white single and underwear. A stool was close to him, on it was a glass jug filled with orange juice. He’d stopped taking alcohol since he started having problems with his heart. He smiled lazily as he enjoyed the feel of the wind on his body.
When he sat up, he attempted to pour himself the orange juice from into the empty glass that stood by the jug. During the process, he heard heavy footsteps on the brick floor. Angry foot steps. He wondered what was going on, the angry man was coming his direction. He successfully filled his glass with the juice. He took it up and was about to take a sip.
“Father!” Jeremy cried out.

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