[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 15

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 15

“Did you enjoy the meal?” Jeremy
questioned Purity, walking her to his car. She nodded in affirmation.

They continued the walk in silence.
They were walking side by side.
Purity, on a date with Jeremy. It was
actually her first. They didn’t go out as lovers but friends, getting to know each other.

She had been very shy while they
were eating. She’d never been shy eating with the opposite s-x. Countless number of times, she had talked over meals with different clients, negotiating businesses
and offering deals. That’s her only

But when it came to other things
outside the world of business, it was all new to her. She couldn’t look Jeremy in the eye.

She had stolen glances at Jeremy, he ate confidently, talked confidently, even smiled confidently at her. To her, she felt he must have had lots of dates with different women.

No wonder he was so good at it. Considering his looks, women
would surely drool over him and want
him for themselves. She really hadn’t
though of women falling does men. It
really didn’t exist to her. Why now?

Jeremy had winked at her while watching her sip her glass of wine. She caught him doing so and her heartbeat increased. So many fireworks exploded in it. She simple
felt special.

The thought of him winking at another lady got her jealous. Purity,
you never get jealous.

While she had kept pondering over what she had felt during the meal, she never knew they had gotten to the car; till Jeremy firmly gripped her arm.
That feeling came again. She shot him a grave look.

Jeremy read it immediately and released her arm.

“No thank you?”

“For defying my orders?” she retorted.

He looked at her with surprise. “I didn’t know what you were thinking about while we were moving to my car.

But I know you’d have walked past it and bumped into that crash can if I hadn’t stopped you.”

I had been thinking about you! She
pushed those thoughts aside. “You could have warned me, shouted my name or something.”

He chuckled. “And get you to jump out of your skin? Then you’ll lash me with ugly words? Nope.”

She sighed. “I give up.”

He pushed himself closer. “Purity say
thank you. I helped you.”

She made a face. “I don’t usually thank people for the things they do for me.

They’re supposed to do it. I’m a

“Not here!” Jeremy objected. “You are a princess at your home and father’s

She scowled.
“We are not leaving this place till you say ‘thank you’. You should learn to
appreciate what others do. And let me
correct you. You’re wrong when you say people are supposed to help you.

They do it out of kindness and love, you can’t force them. And when they do so, show that you appreciate by saying ‘thank you’.
It’ll want them to do more.”

His words made sense. It touched her. She really never appreciated what people did for her.

She did in her heart but never showed it. She was a princess and its the
duty of others to worship the ground she walked on without thanking them.

No one dared to questioned her about it. Just her papa. And now, Jeremy Broderick.

Her father was right. He’s the only man that could tame her.

“Aren’t you scared of me?” she enquired.

He smiled. “Why should I?”

She twisted her lips. “Cause everyone else is. Men and women don’t lecture me the way you just did and you insulted me. Calling me ungrateful?”

“Are you grateful?” he didn’t wait for an answer. “Ever since that day you rained curses on me, I had vowed never to be scared of women or let them manipulate my life.

You were the first to do that.
And hopefully, you’ll remain the last.
Now, say, ‘thank you’.” He ordered.

She smiled wryly. “And if I don’t?”

“I’ll make sure you walk home.” he threatened.

She giggled. “Ha! Over my dead body.”

“Try me.”

His face warned her. There was no smile on it. Those hazel eyes were filled with fury. One more wrong then, he’d do something disastrous to her, something terrible.

Like he’d done the previous night- kiss her. What was wrong with this
man? Why is he trying to teach her
manners? Not that she didn’t know them, she did but never practised. She wasn’t giving up without a fight.

“I am Purity Theodore. You know that
right? You know who I am? I can ruin
you with a snap of my fingers, like this!”
she snapped her fingers.


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