[story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 14

“What happened to your lip?”
Oh, the bruise she had while washing him out of her. She’d used make up to hide it till it heals. Was it still visible? No one had questioned her about it, he didn’t this morning, why now?
“Its nothing, just an injury.” she lied. She fought within herself between telling him the truth or not. He cared, to ask about it.
“It isn’t so obvious. But are you sure you are okay? How did you get it? Come, sit.”
She shuffled to the bed and sat beside him, meeting his gaze. “You’re going to be a great journalist.”
“Why is that?”
“You’re a good questionnaire.”
He giggled. “That’s with only those I care about.”
She shook her head. “Come off it. I know you do hate me. Its for your father.”
He ignored her remark.
“Purity, I know you are a good girl. My
father convinced me. You are really
good. Don’t know why you insulted me back then.”
She beamed. She could see his face. He was staring at her with horror after she had said very embarrassing words to him. He’d hated her since then. And her too.
“You tried taking advantage of me.” she explained quietly.
He was slightly dazed. “Me? I never did! I just, you know,” he shrugged.
“There was an ant crawling on your lap. I tried to get it off without letting you know. If I had told you, you’d have shrieked and you know the rest. 
I considered that a favour for you.”
Her eyes were wide with shock. “I didn’t know you were trying to help me. 
As you left, the ant stung me.”
Laughing, he said, “You deserved it. I had actually prayed for it to bite you.”
“And it did. I was wearing shorts. And for a boy to touch my laps, I didn’t like it. 
It was going to lead to something else.”
“How did you know? You were only seven then?”
“Right. My mum always taught me
everything early enough. I learn fast.”
“Oh, I see. I’m sorry, would have told
you. Your words and actions made me hate you.”
“Same here. My hate is stronger.”
“Do you still hate me?”
“I don’t know. Do you?”
“I don’t anymore. We’ve understood why all that happened.”
“Yeah.” she let out a breath.
He reached for her hand. As he touched them, he felt electric sensations. She snatched her hands immediately. 
Those sensations reminded him of the first kiss they shared.
“Don’t touch me without my notice, next time!” she snapped.
He grinned at her. “Did you feel it too?”
“I don’t know what you are talking
She rolled her eyes. Folded her arms.
“Purity, I want to take you out.”
“I decided we’ll just see your papa and
then I’ll return home.”
“That’s not what we agreed on.”
“I changed my mind!”
“Its not fair. Come on!”
She remained silent. Pursed her lips and kept looking at her feet.
“Are you scared of me?”
He hit the nail on the head. She was
actually scared of him, all men except
her papa and maybe his. Then, her brothers.
“Oh, why would I be scared of you?”
His eyes were all over her, scanning her. Concern and worry written over it. “Then dine with me. I want to take you out.”
“Nope. Lets go see papa.” she disagreed.
He scanned her more. “You dressed so pretty for me. Why not let me show you off tonight?”
She grinned. “Who gave you the guts to say I dressed for you?”
“You did. Look at you. You just didn’t
dress like you’re going to visit a sick
man. You’re dressed like you’re going on a date. And you barely dress this way.” he remarked.

“How come you know such about me?” He had kinda told her what she kept to herself. Just her papa ad mama knew.
They must have told both Edwin and
Emily. Emily, when she was alive. Edwin had probably told his son.
“Forget about that. Are we going out?
That’s what I came here for. Am I not
looking cute?” he winked at her.
She was beginning to like him. She
He grinned with delight. He hauled
himself off the bed and attempted to
help her. She swatted his hands.
“Ouch! That’s hurts.”
“Serves you right.”
After saying goodbye to her parents, they both strolled out of the mansion.
Purity tucked her arms under Jeremy’s. She was too tired to walk. He gracefully assisted her.
When they got to his car, he helped her climb in. As he got in, he didn’t turn the engine on. He just peered at her.
Purity was beginning to feel uncomfortable. She started sweating. She wasn’t used to being stared at the way he was doing now.
“Please stop. Why are we not moving?”
“I have a surprise for you.” he tilted
himself to the back seat of the car and pulled something out. He handed it to her.
“What is this?” she took it from him. She didn’t hesitate to unwrap it. When she was done, she couldn’t believe her eyes.
He had given her a new phone. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge! Tears welled up in her eyes. “Thanks.”

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