[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 18

“Sit.” Jeremy beckoned to Purity, pointing at the couch.
He took her there and she sat down.
“Relax. I’ll go get my dad.”
She mumbled some words and he went out. Purity relaxed on the couch and studied the living room. The walls were painted white, very tidy. 
On the wall were portraits, large ones. The first was a depiction of a couple on their wedding day. She could tell that was Mr. Broderick and his late wife. 
They looked so happy together. Her striking hazel eyes reminded her of Jeremy, that’s where he got his from.
The next, late Emily Broderick dressed in a designer gown, ears, neck and wrist decorated with gold.
Chin held high and a sweet smile. She must have been a fashionista. And she’s so pretty. Too bad she’s gone.
Good she can’t be forgotten. 
The last pictured Edwin Broderick, Jeremy Broderick and Emily Broderick. A happy one. A happy family. Jeremy must have been close to his parents especially his
She’d gone now and he’d do what
he never dreamt of just to make his papa happy. Could she really do that? She wasn’t all that close to her parents. She never was. Jeremy was and is happy. 
She could try that too. She’d let him teach her. She wouldn’t wait anymore till they were sick and at the brink on death. No. Her eyes never left the portrait.
“Beautiful, isn’t she?”
Edwin Broderick’s voice brought her back from her day dream. She stood up at once and tilted to the direction the voice came from. 
“Um..yes sir. She’s very
He moved closer. “Oh, no. Don’t get up. Sit down.”
She remained standing. “Uh, sir? You’re in your pyjamas already. I came at the wrong time. I’m sorry.”
True, she acted like a heartless b—h at times, she knew when to behave.
Edwin gave a soft laugh. He got to where she stood and pulled her to the couch, he sat too. 
“Don’t worry. I wasn’t really in bed. I really wanted to see you. How are
She shook her head. “No, how are you? Heard you’re sick. How are you feeling now?”
Jeremy cleared his throat loudly. “I’ll go change, then join you guys.” He bowed and smiled at his father. Purity had forgotten Jeremy was beside his dad while they had been talking.
Edwin caught her attention. She watched him bow, taking permission from his dad. So respectful. He turned to her, grinned and winked at her. 
Her heart lurched with excitement. She returned his grin with a mock salute. 
Then, he disappeared.
“He’s really a nice guy.”
“He’s your son. That’s why you think he’s nice.”
Edwin wasn’t surprised. Only Purity could dare make a statement like that about Jeremy. 
He admired her courage and boldness. Others may call it rude but it wasn’t to him.
“You’re the first female actually to
degrade my some to my face. You even say I know it but concealing it because he’s my son.”
“No. I didn’t really mean-”
“Don’t worry, dear. You can say the truth always.”
Purity kept quiet. She nodded in response to Edwin’s remark.
He tapped her. “What’s going on in your mind?”
She stared at him with sadness. “How
did it feel to lose her?”
He shrugged, then rubbed his forehead.
“It was so painful. A lethal blow. I hadn’t believed she was dead. It took a week for me to accept the fact that she was gone and never coming back. 
I mourned her for a year. She was the source of my happiness. I never thought she’d go so soon. She had fought and fought. 
I had always wanted to take away her pains but I couldn’t. She’s now resting, relieved from the sufferings she went through.”
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“I’m so sorry to hear that. I haven’t
thought about it that way. How did you cope and Jeremy?”
“Jeremy surprised me greatly. He was so close to his mother and I felt it’d be hard for him. But he acted more matured than I ever was. 
He was there for me. We supported each other and got over it together, though he healed before me. He’s really strong.”
“And he still misses her. I saw the pain in his eyes when I asked about her, didn’t know she’s dead.”
He brightened up. “And he needs you.
Needs you in his life.”
Purity waved her hand. “I don’t think so. What could I actually do for him?”
“With time you’d know. Wanna hear her last wish?”
“That you marry Jeremy.”

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