[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 16

[Story] AFRAID TO LOVE Episode 16

Jeremy continued glowering at the pretty witch bluffing. He thought they were going to get along.

What the hell was wrong with her? He’d asked her to say ‘thank you’ for what he’d done. Instead of doing that, she’s here, bluffing.

Saying she can ruin him. She’d forgotten he was a Broderick- mightier and richer than the Theodore’s.

His glowering face turned to
a mocking laugh..

Why was he laughing? Purity lost her
courage at once. Ah, her father’s enterprise needed help, the Broderick’s were willing to help only if she married their son.

They were powerful. That was it! She said the wrong thing to the wrong
guy. He had won. Stupid me, she cursed herself. Her pride. Her pride.

“Darling, I’m waiting for you to ruin me. Please do.” he winked at her again.

The same thing happened. Her heart
simply exploded. Dancing with
happiness. She blushed fiercely. “Oh,
shut up!” she barked trying to hide her

In a blink, he grasped her arm and forced her near him. Very close. He held her tightly.

Purity tried to make him leave
her. She fought and fought till she got to understand that it was pointless. Jeremy was stronger.

She was panting. “Release me at once!” her voice was weak, she was weak too.

This man had exhausted her. What sort of devil is he?

Her command made him tighten his hold on her. She regretted that.

What was she scared of? He smiled evilly when he recalled that she had pleaded with him not to kiss her at her office.

“Do you want to walk home, tired?”

“No.” she replied weakly.

He smiled. “Good. Do you want to share another kiss with me?”

Her silver eyes widened with shock. Her heartbeat increasing. She was somewhat excited and shocked.

A part of her wanted to say yes, the other part violently resisted the temptation. She had wanted to act with the former but not vigor for that. She found herself resting her head on his chest.

“No, I’ll bruise my lip.” she confessed.

“Then say ‘thank you’.”

“Th-th- Thank you.” The words were
strange to her lips. She usually said
thank you whenever she felt like. And
now she didn’t. She’d lost. Surprisingly, she didn’t feel defeated, she felt good and relieved. Wow.

This was strange. She grinned to herself. Yay! Jeremy had won! For a minute, he had just wanted to push her into the car and zoom off.

He had gotten tired of the fight. He tried the very last thing on his mind and it worked. Thank the heavens.

He had to admit, he loved her guts, but the bad manners, he hated. He grinned like a champion. “You’re welcome, my lady.” He freed her, using the remote control, he unlocked the doors of the vehicle.

He swiftly opened the door of the
passenger’s seat. She hauled herself in. He shut it, jogged to the other side,
opened the door and got in.

They both fastened their seat belts and soon, were moving.
“What hospital is your dad in?” Purity
broke the unending silence. They hadn’t said a word to each other after Jeremy had succeeded in making her thank him.

She really didn’t see the need of doing
that. She’d just been quiet, looking out
the window. The route they were taking was unfamiliar and she wasn’t sure it led to a hospital.

“Was in Saint Maria’s,” he answered
without looking at her. He focused on the road ahead.

“I don’t think this road leads there.” She was looking around this time, both back and front and out the window; peering into the road. “Wait a minute, did you just say ‘was’?”

“Yeah. I did. He was discharged this
evening. He’s home, that’s where we’re going.” He refused turning his head to face her.

He could feel her eyes over him.
He was sure he’s receiving deadly stares. He chuckled within him.

“Why didn’t you let me know?” she

“Um… It was, uh, kinda like a surprise?”

She sighed. “Visiting me in my bedroom, getting the latest cell phone for me, taking me out for dinner is enough surprise for a night. Don’t you think so?”

He shook his head. “Its not. One more.”

“Oh, and I forgot to add. The unexpected visit at my office? The scene you put up.

You were actually struggling with my
secretary? And you told her we’re
engaged. D–n it, Jeremy. I’ve got enough surprises already.”

He chuckled silently. “Lets see my papa and it’ll be over.”


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