[story] Corper Grace Episode 4

[story] Corper Grace Episode 4

  I walked along Maiduguri road towards  Malam Abdulmumini plaza, few minutes later I walked pass the plaza I then turn left towards old school of nursing and after about three minutes I was at the back of the school I located the house number that corresponds to the address she sent  me

“kon kon kon” I knock gently on the yellow gate. After about the third knock the gate was flung open by Grace

As she stood on the entrance I could see clearly her average seized b—s “Good afternoon ma’ I greeted still looking at her b—s she noticed it and smiled “Afternoon dear, what are looking at?’ she said jokingly.

ME: ***Faced ground*** Nothing ma

Grace: ***shrugged*** ok, follow me
She turned and cat walked inside while I followed her.  she was putting on a red top with a blue bump short. The compound is a bit big with normal “Ndi ugwu” style i.e Hausa style of building; the floor of the compound is tiled, with an orange tree in the middle of the compound, and the rooms are arranged like  primary school classrooms, in one side while  the rest of the compound is empty.

There are about six single rooms of which each of the doors are locked except the last door which she opened wile are I followd her. The room is not that big and also not small there is this famine smell in the room, with a table and mirror on it and her bed on the other side.

So, since there was no stool or chair I sat on the bed and she sat beside me “well-come Mr. Emmanuel’ she said

ME: ***smiled*** thanks ma

Grace: ***frowned*** ok sir.

ME: ***sir?*** Why calling me sir?

Grace: because you called me ma

ME: now, what are you driving at?

Grace: ***rolled her eyes*** simple, stop calling me ma, my name is Grace, call me Grace is that clear?

ME: yes Ma, sorry yes Grace

Grace: hmmm, is like you are a bit stubborn

ME: no am a cool guy, is just a little mistake perhaps a slip of tongue

Grace: better. Now what should I offer you?

ME: *** straight face*** nothing am ok for now

Grace: ***shrugged*** ok then, less get started. Which is your best subject among the three?

ME: chemistry

Grace: OK,  let’s start with it

After about two hours, we were through  with the lesson and we started a conversation. We were like;

Grace: Now, tell me Nuel, about you

ME: what about me?

Grace: about your girl friend, hobbies, place, you know how it is

ME:***smiled*** I am a good boy so,  i have no girl friend

Grace: spare me that trash joor

Me: I am serious fa.

Grace: ***smiled*** as a fine big boy that you are you want to tell me that you don’t have a girl friend? With the all fine girls in this town? 

Me: ***smiled***hmm, something like that

Grace: tell me the truth, don’t out have a crush on any of the pretty girls in our church?

Me: I used to

Grace; so, who was that?

Me: Rosemary 

Grace: that beautiful girl?

Me; but she no fine pass you

Grace; ***smiled*** so, what happened  between you guys?

Me: I fell for her when I was in S.S 2,what I felt for her  was really more than a crush or love itself although, I was still school while she was here but I was crazy about her to the extent that I almost fail the terminal exams because of her due to the fact that I think of her every night and day. I just couldn’t get her of my mind.
Grace: ***calm*** did you tell her?

Me: of course I did. As I couldn’t wait for holiday time I took my phone even though, we were not allowed to use phone in school but, we normally smuggle the phone with out being caught “that one na normal thing”

I logged on to my 2go, one day and I told her how I fell about her but she will only read the messages  and refuse to reply I asked her why she isn’t replying me and she said she didn’t care

Grace: and you didn’t approach during holidays

Me: no. it was obvious she wasn’t interested and I don’t want her to pour hot water on me “I still like my face oh”

 Grace: ***laugh out loud*** honestly Nuel  you are funny

Me: it’s not about being funny is the truth now, is that not how you girls do to guys you don’t like?

Grace: every one is not like that oh!

Me: make I here. Now, tell me about your boy friend or fiance…

She told about a guy named Chris, how she loved him during their school days in the university only for her to find out that he is a cultist which lead to their breakup due to the hatred she had for cultists  and how he began pestering her life for her to come back to him using all violence means he could. She also told me how he mercilessly  dealt with guys that attempted  to date her.

There was nothing she could do as reporting the case to police will only worsen the matter. I felt sorry for her because I never knew such things could happen in reality apart from films.

 We then continued our gist ranging from politics, sports, music and so on… at the same time I was cracking jokes and she is laughing aloud.

When its 6:30pm, I told her that I will be leaving and she saw me off. After about ten minutes of walking, I was at the front of our house, I saw Ben coming out of our house and when he saw me, he said “bad guy, na you I come find so”

Me I know say you go come

Ben: so, how was the lesson na hope you learnt something

Me: yes of course the lady sabi teach.

Ben: hmm, so what took you guys so long?

Me: no mind us jarre. We just dey gist after the lesson

Ben: bad boy. I know say you dey eye that chick. Take am easy oh!

 Me: you dey craze. You think say be devil like you wey no dey carry eye see woman? Make we go inside jarre.

He laughed and followed me straight to my room I dropped my bag and we went out of cause you don’t expect us stay in doors like women. We went to one lonely place and sat there to gist we were like;

Me: Ben, as I no dey you go f–k Racheal again abi?

Ben: see you. I no tell you say dem don leave here final?

Me: ***smiled*** at least her pussy go rest from your deadly d–k

Ben:*** laughs*** you no well. That reminds me, I dey go join choir tomorrow.

Me: why?

Ben:  perhaps I could get another bleep mate.

Me: you no well.

Ben: ***smiled*** body no be fire wood Na.

Me: Then,  in that case I go follow you.

Ben: bad boy I know say na wetin you go talk. I also know you say you dey eye that corper

Me: what do you mean?

Ben: ***smiled*** that Saturday, that followed you to church. I saw both of you so  and I also noticed the way you were looking at her back side while she entered inside.

Me: na true sha

Ben: if I were you, I no go carry last

Me: ***smiled*** you  be King na 

Ben: just play your cards well.

Me: yes boss.

Ben: you no well

After the gist we left there and went to our different houses. When I got home, headed straight to my room and lie down to rest a little bit.
I took my bag and set out  for lesson ,   Five minutes latter I was at Grace’s gate I knocked about five times and there was no response so I pushed the gate to my surprise it was open. So I headed straight to her room and knocked  gently on the door. She open the door, she was putting on the same red top and blue bump short “welcome  dear” she said as she hugged me tight this really marveled me. After some seconds we broke away, she step a side while entered inside the room, she then closed the door and rested her back on the door.

She smiled seductively, and come closer to me and I hugged her again I didn’t even know where the courage came from. I kissed her after we broke away and she responded and sucked my lips as if her life depended on it. 2 minutes into the kiss, I found my hands on her b—s and ouch, they were really soft, I then put my hands under her shirt and behold, she was braless I began fondling and tickling her erected nipples while kissing her. 3 minutes latter, I stop kissing her. As I kissed her neck this time around, she let out  a soft moan. Few minutes latter, I then raised her top and started sucking, squeezing and pressing her bosoms while my left hand found its way into her short. I inserted my finger into her hole I increased to 2 and then 3. She began moaning heavily, ouuu wuuhhh yeeaahhh…..

I finally removed her short while she also pulled both my trouser and boxer to knee level and inserted my fully erected d-k into her hole. “f–k my baby” she said and with out washing time I started thrusting in and out. She was enjoying it  and she letter raised her left leg up followed by her right leg, giving me chance for full penetration. She continued moaning in louder tempers as I was digging.

After about 15 minutes of digging, I was about cuming when I opened my eyes and I realized that it was all a dream.


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