[story] Corper Grace Episode 3

[story] Corper Grace Episode 3
I couldn’t remember saving any number as Grace, i was wondering who it could be when Precious tapped me and said that should pick the call, and i came back to my self and picked the call even though, i don’t normally speak first on any phone call but out of curiosity i spoke first:
ME: Hello?
Caller: Yeah, Nuel, where are you?
ME: ***I recognised the voice as Grace’s. I needed no sooth sayer to tell me  how she got my number and who saved hers***  Am at home
Grace: Ok, is your Mum at home?
ME: Yes any problem?
Grace: Not really, am coming to your house ni.
ME: ***I remembered that she said  she’s visiting us today*** Ok, now or latter?
Grace: Am on my way now.
ME: Ok, until you come ***hanged up***
“And who was that?” Asked Precious “My girl friend” i replied.
Precious: ***Looked at me suspiciously*** You think i don’t know who called you?
ME: You know. Why did you ask me?
Precious:  Because, i want to know what you would say.
ME: “You don try,” clap for you self, if you don’t mind i wanted to sleep before you came in.
Precious: “Sleep nah,  i stop you?”
I didn’t even answer her with the mind set that she will leave my room but “na lie” instead of leaving she started singing, clapping and dancing around the room.
So, i got up and left the room for her “Die here if you like” i said as i banged the door behind me.
As i advanced towards the sitting room, i began to hear some voices on getting there i saw Grace discussing with my Mum.
So, i greeted her (Grace) and sat beside  her and Mum was sitting opposite us and we were engulfed in the following conversations;
Grace: Hey Emma how are you?
ME: ***Looking at my phone*** Am fine ma
Mum: Don’t mind him he refused to read his books so, he couldn’t  pass Jamb.
Grace: ***Faced me*** what was your Jamb score?
ME: ***Dropped the phone*** 189
Grace: what course and which school did you apply for?
ME: I applied for UNN, Medicine. 
Grace: Then, you have to work this time if you still like the course you should able to score 295 or above for the course.
ME:  I will try my best this time.
Mum: “na for mouth e dey?”
Grace: ***Looking serious*** Don’t worry i will tutor you on Physics, Chemistry and Biology you must pass this  time you hear?
Mum: That is the biggest i had with him

Grace: I don’t understand

Mum; hmmm, he never likes anything related to private lesson

Grace: ***faced me*** but why?

ME: I just don’t like it

Grace: ***smiled*** Just try me, you will like it

ME: ***maybe that killer smile did the magic*** Ok i will give it a trial

Grace: ***smiled*** Yeah, thats my boy

Mum: hmmm, So, how much do we pay you for that?
Grace: Nothing, forget about the money i want him pass ni.
Mum: You can’t be serious are you?
Grace: am really serious ma
Mum: hmmm, if you say so.
Grace: ***smiled*** Yes i said so
ME: ***smiled*** Thanks
Grace: ***taps my lap*** you are most welcome dear, just try and be a good boy
ME: ***smiled*** i will
Mum: Miss Grace it’s time to go for our Legion work
Grace: Alright ma. Lets get going ***referring to me*** i will text you the lesson days, time and venue latter.
ME: Alright ma
They both walked out and i sat there clueless on both what to do and where to go. It then occurred to me that i had to go for  evening training.
So, i got up and headed to my room in order to dress for the training and when i opened the door, Precious was no longer there. I put on my Real Madrid up and down jersey i was about wearing my boot when my phone  rang i checked the caller and it was Benjamin. “My guy how far?” I heard from the other line
ME: I dey oh
Ben: you no dey go training?
ME: na the training i dey prepare so
Ben: i dey come una house now
ME: Ok nah ***hanged up***
I resumed wearing the boots, after i finished wearing the boots, i heard a gentle knock on the door. “Come in” i said in response to the knock. 
The door opened and Benjamin entered he was putting on Chelsea up and down jersey with blue socks and blue boot but forget this his dressing he simply a good dresser, bad player  ***LOL***
Ben: Today i no see you after Mass where you go?
ME: I just come house Straight no time
Ben: na lie, i see you with two corpers as i comot  from church after Mass
ME: Don’t worry my guy i will gist after training
So, we headed straight to the stadium on our way, we saw Eric with one hot chic but he didn’t  even see us am sure he was carried away. hmm this my brother eehhnn, na wan kind bad guy. After drilling this one he will dump her like others am certain that this one must be his new catch.
We got to the stadium and we continued our usual evening training. Three hours latter we are on our way home with sand all over our bodies like children that played with sand.
Ben asked me about the gist and i told him every thing he wanted to know including the lesson stuff.  He was happy that i finally accepted to do lesson.
We went to Ben’s house first, where we both washed ourselves. We then visited our PES Joint and after some series of matches, we left there for our house.
On getting there, it was as if there was no one at home except for some funny sound coming out of Eric’s room which we ignored and headed straight to my room.
I opened the door and went straight to my drawer to pick “WHOT” that we will play. I saw it and joined Ben on the bed and i saw him operating my phone because he had my password. I instantly remembered i left the phone on the bed before we left for the training.
“Any missed calls?” I asked while i  shoved the WOHT.
Ben: no, only whatsapp notifications
ME: Whatsapp notifications? But i can’t remember activating data connection.
Ben: I did. i wan check premiere league table ni
ME: So, who beeped me?
Ben: Grace
ME: Grace?
Ben: yes
ME: ***still shoving the game*** wetin she talk?
Ben: ***reads out the message loud to my hearing*** Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Time: 3: 30pm. Lesson starts tomorrow i will send you the venue tomorrow.
ME: No be small thing my brother
Ben: na him be say u go dey miss four evening training be that every week
ME: No wahala na, since i go do morning training
Ben: ok oh, play game make i arrange you. You know say this one no be PES 
ME: I still be your master no matter the game
Ben: we shall see who is the master
We started playing the WHOT and about 35 minutes latter John joined us. I presumed he was attracted by our arguments and laughter. We played for one more hour and i saw Ben off.
The rest of the night wasn’t eventful. So, the next morning, i woke up as early as possible, say my prayers, brush my teeth, help in some morning chores and then, go for morning training.
Although, am not the only one who seams to like playing football in our family neither am i the best player. Eric also plays but his a kinda par time player, due to his job. John is the best player among us all but he is always unable to go for morning trainings because of school.
So, after the training, i had my bath, do some washing and then, logged on to okadabooks.com to read stories.
About an hour latter i went to hang around with Ben. When twas 2:30pm, Grace sent me the address.
So, i took one of the 80 leaves i was giving during our send forth from school together with three text books which are; Chemistry, Physics and Biology i put them in my old time school bag and set out for the lesson. 

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