[story] Corper Grace Episode 2

[story] Corper Grace Episode 2
I was still starring at her when i felt a gentle tap from behind and turning around twas Benjamin. Benjamin is a good friend of mine,  class mate and my partner in crime. I call him Ben for short.
“Who were you looking at?” He asked smiling
ME: ***smiled*** Nothing jarre. “Wetin carry you come church by this time?”
***Don’t mind our pidgin English***
BEN: Shebi i went to your house and i was told you have gone to Legion. So, i decided to check you my self.
ME: so, you didn’t believe i came to the Legion right?
BEN: Why will i believe? “You wey no like to come any church program except for Mass on Sundays
ME: Your head, “person no dey change?”
BEN: “If you change na him be say devil go repent”
ME: ***Laughs*** “Na him be say devil don repent today
Ben: “ehen na, since you come legion today”
ME: “You dey craze, make we dey go jarre”
BEN: “Oya na how we dey waka?”
ME: Lets go to that game centre so that i will teach you some lessons on PS2
BEN: Ok na.
We then headed straight the game centre located along Maiduguri road. On getting there we were been hailed by some of our bad guys as if they have been waiting for us to come they were like;
“Correct! Birds of the same feathers come make i arrange una one by one” said one of our guy called Master and i replied “Oya give us shares any body wey win you go play with am” and he agreed.
Then we both collected a pad each and started playing the game. ***You didn’t even ask me name of the game were playing it’s unfair oh, anyways, we were playing Pro evolution soccer (PES). ***
After about an hour, we are ready to go home. Mean while, we played 3 and 4 matches each, which ended in Me vs Ben; 1-1, 4-2, 3-2 of which i won and i finally played with the bad guy and he scored me 3-0.
We left there and bid ourselves good night. That night, i couldn’t sleep as i caught my self thinking of Grace. It was around 2 O’clock that i finally slept off.
Wake up! Wake up!! Wake up!!! I felt some one taping me and when i opened my eyes, it was John. John is my younger brother he is about 16 years of age. Am a bit taller than him.
“You no wan go church today?” He said
ME: Am so dead!! What says the time?
John: 8:50am
ME: Gosh!!
John: Am off to church
ME: ***That is when i realised he is ready to go*** OK “you dey serve Mass today shey?”
John: yes ***and he ran out***
I quickly got up say my prayers, freshen up. I then put on my white turtle neck and white short sleeve shirt together with a white pencil jean trouser and red timber land shoe. I was really looking like a white angel.  ***winks***
I headed towards the sitting room and to my surprise i saw Eric sitting there looking at his phone and smiling to himself.
“Bro Eric good morning,” i greeted
Eric: Morning. ****without looking at me*** Why is it that you like behaving like a woman sometimes?
ME: I don’t understand
Eric: ***still looking at his phone*** Do you know i have been waiting for you here for almost an hour now?
ME: I have no idea but i tried my best to see that i finished on time.
Eric: Like this?
ME: yeah
Eric: ***Raised his head*** Oh my God!
ME: What is it?
Eric: Do i know you?
ME: What do you mean?
Eric: “see as you dress like Lil-white.” The dressing really make sense.
ME: Thank you. Lets go we are late already.
Eric: “who tell you?” This is just 9:30am and Mass starts by 10:30am. So, we have about an hour left.
ME: I thought it’s 9:30 ni
Eric: what makes you think so?
ME: Because everyone left here for church even before 9am except the both of us.
Eric: Because they like it that way. “Sit down make we gist small jarre.”
So, i sat down and we continued our normal brother to brother gist. After about five minutes latter, we left for the church and ten minutes more we are at the Church entrance because we live a bit close to the church.

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While Eric was busy shaking hands with some church wardens  that are his guys, i entered the church and just like a flash, i scanned the whole church within 3 seconds searching for my Grace ***Did i just said my Grace? Forgive my manners*** but she was no where to be found.
So, i sat down on one sit by my right the sit is at the back as usual i normally like to sit there and i don’t know why?
As i sat down there thinking of nothing in particular, i felt a soft feminine tap from the left and when i turned towards the direction, i saw a familiar looking lady of about 23 years of age, she was looking so gorgeous in her out fit, she’s characterized by her dazzling eyes with a radiant fair complexion, she’s a true definition of beauty.
“Hello dude?” She said softly but i couldn’t reply immediately perhaps i lost my voice cause i was carried away by her elegant beauty.
“Good morning ma” i said when i finally found my voice, that was when  i realised that she is the same lady that gave me a sleepless night. We started a conversation in almost whisper we were are like;
Grace: ***smiled*** how was your night?
ME: ***smiled also*** Twas fine and urs?
Grace: Fine too.
ME: Yeah, it’s obvious i can see that from your appearance.
Grace: Meaning?
ME: You are looking so gorgeous.
Grace: ***smiled*** Thanks dear, and you are not looking bad at all.
ME:  Oh really?  
Grace: you look so cute.
ME: Thanks.
Grace: You are most welcome dear.
Just then, a bell was rang by an alter server indicating that the holy Mass (service) is about to begin and we all stood up on our feet i checked my time and it was exactly 10:30am.
Throughout the Mass we never spoke to each other and i like it because i don’t normally talk during Mass. The Mass lasted for about 3 hours. Pardon me friends, i didn’t even tell you guys the name of my church, St John De Baptist Catholic Church is the church i attend. That is by the way.
After the Mass,  i said my short prayers and  i step out of the  church and i saw Grace standing with another lady who i don’t think i know.
So, i walked towards them and when i got to where they were standing,  i greeted them  politely “Hi” Grace replied smiling at me “Dorothy meet Emmanuel, my friend and Emmanuel this is my best friend Dorothy i call her Dora for short” she said.
ME: ***me friend?*** Nice meeting you ***stretched hand for a shake with Dora***
Dora: ***stretched hand also*** yeah, nice meeting you too.
ME: Are you guys waiting for someone?
Grace: Not really, we were actually waiting for you.
ME: ***surprised*** really?
Dora: ***smiled*** Yeah  
Grace: Let’s go we have to buy some stuff along the road by the way Nuel  can i see your phone?
ME:***hmmm na me be Nuel?*** sure
I gave her the phone even though i didn’t know what she did  with it. Am sure they are up to something. We left the church premises and we walked towards the main road and we were involved in a series of gists while we were walking.
When we got to one shop that is adjacent Unity bank  they both chorused “see you latter” “Bye” i replied and they branched at the shop while i walked home happily without even knowing the cause of my happiness.
When i got home, i greeted my Mum, my elder brother is yet to be back and least i forget my Dad doesn’t stay with us he stays in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state where he was transfered to he works with NDLEA.
I freshened up, eat my food and after that, I was in my room trying to do some arrangement while listing to You belong to me by Tyler James Williams from my phone and singing  along with the phone happily.
This got to the notice of my younger sister Precious.  Precious is about 13 years of age, fair in complexion she is directly following John.

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She opened the door even without knocking “bros it’s obvious you are happy today what happened?” She said
ME: Nothing jarre, is that why you will have enter my room without knocking?.

Precious: i knocked but there was no response.
ME: Maybe because i was carried away by the music
Just then, my phone rang and i checked the caller and i saw Grace …

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