[story] Corper Grace

[story] Corper Grace


Corper  Grace. A story written by Eze Emmanuel Orji.

Email;  emmanuelorji529@gmail.com.

No part of this piece may be
produced in any form or by any means, except for the inclusion of brief consultations in a review, without permission in writing from the Author.  

N.B All characters are factious, any resemblance to person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental.

Episode 1

Both waec and neco (Senior Secondry school certificate exams in Nigeria) has come and gone, i will definitely miss my friends, my class mates, juniours,  teachers and the entire school environment at F.G.C Kiyawa some where in Jigawa.
So many things were going through my mind as i was arranging my bag and i began to ask my self questions i was like;
“which kind of life be this?”
“Why i no pass  jamb self?”
asking no one in particular infact who i go ask self? Who say make in no read my books? ***LOL***
“Now i have to stay at home for one year”
“Anyways, it was my fault”
Still speaking aloud to my self.
My friends that were devoted to their studies will be in school this year.
“Which kind of wahala be this?”, i picked my bag and boarded a bus to Birinin kudu one L.G.A still in Jigawa State.
On getting home, my family and neighbors welcomed me in a very warm way twas as if a king came back home from London.
Some of our neighbors were busy asking me questions, some are congratulating me. And i was like *** “na me be this this?” ***
Two days latter, my mum called me before going to her shop in the morning that we needed to talk and started:
MUM: My son, you know three years ago, before you went to school you were a dedicated legionary but after you started school, all of a sudden you started drawing a back to legion of Mary and church matters during  holidays.
ME: hmmm
MUM: of cause i was watching you but i left you because that was your time.
But now that you have graduated if you want this house to contain the both of us, then you must promise  me that you will be active towards legion of Mary and other church activities.
ME: *** na so the thing don rich?”*** Only that?
MUM: it’s not a matter of only that?
ME: ok i will try my best.
MUM: ok, that reminds me
ME: what is it?
MUM: when your elder brother comes back, tell him to meet me at shop.
ME: yes ma.
She left for her shop. My mum, does  hair dressing at her shop located along Maiduguri road.
I was making preparations to go to the stadium and  play foot ball. Playing foot ball was my long time passion.
Whenever i didn’t go for our training session two times daily,  i feel   sick it’s more or less like addiction.
So, i put on my man united jersey, socks and  boots. I was about going out when my elder brother came in. “Good morning bro. Eric”
ERIC: morning how are you. C. Ronaldo u don dey go?
ME: *** smiled*** yes na. Ehen mummy say make you meet her for shop.
ERIC: Ok where John?
ME: him still dey sleep
ERIC: hmmm, Chief
ME: i don go joor?
ERIC:  ” A dawo lafia” *** meaning returning safely in hausa***
ME: thank you
And i ran out. After the training, i sat down and took my phone to play game but i couldn’t my mum’s word in the morning kept ringing in my head.
 So, i activated my  data connection and logged on to emmanuel17.com to read stories but still i couldn’t concentrate.
So i took my schedule book and i added legion of Mary every Saturday evening by 4 P.M at the church premises to  my schedule.
The rest of the days were uneventful. So, on saturday evening, i had to abandon my evening training for legion of Mary so i will have peace.
 Although i had no problem with going to legion it’s just that i don’t know what is wrong with me i don’t like going and i don’t why.
On getting there, i saw so many chicks the ones that knew me were like  ” hey Emma which day you come back?”
Some were surprised that i came to legion so, i answered some and left the rest.
But there is this new chick that av never seen before and i believe she’s a new face. Omo this chick gather die she get assets front and back. But the fuck up be say she senior me far far. Don’t get me wrong am not a bad boy  but the fact be say this girl fine die.
My guys i couldn’t get my eyes off her. During the meeting, our eyes jam on several occasions but  on one occasion, she smiled at me and my heart skipped beat i didn’t know what’s wrong with me.
Not until during roll call i heard her name sis Grace Ibekwe, “present brothers and sisters” she replied as her name was called by the secretary. Few minutes later, i heard bro Emmanuel Orji “present brothers; sisters” i also replied. Just then i caught her (Grace) smiling at me again i said to my self ” weting dey make her smile self”
After the closing prayers, we started arranging the chairs. “Please Emmanuel help carry this table to the store” i heard one angelic voice behind me and turning around behold twas Sis Grace.
And without thinking twice i helped her carried the table to the store  few meters from the meeting ground *** chaii  see chance ***  while carrying the table she asked “is MRS Maria Orji your mother?
ME: why did you ask?
GRACE: you guys look alike
ME: really?
GRACE: yes
ME: yeah.
GRACE: how come i didn’t know you
ME: it’s because you are new
GRACE: hmmm, but av been in this town for the past 2 months
ME: really?
GRACE: yes
ME: well i just came back few days a go
GRACE:  so, you travelled?
ME: not really, i just graduated from secondary school
GRACE: wow! Congrats
ME: thank you
GRACE: from which school?
ME: FGC Kiyawa. So, what brought you to our bush?
ME: i thought as much.
GRACE: hmmmm
ME: anyways let me get going
GRACE: k na i will be staying for choir practice. Tell your mum that i will be coming tomorrow. See you tomorrow
As She turned to enter the Church i was busy having a good view of her back side. I said to my self “this corper the different oh unlike others wey dey form non sense i think i like her.”  This was the beginning of my Troubles.

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