See the Nigerian State where corruption is part of culture

Delta state has been named by some civil servants human rights organisation as where corruption is part of culture if the people.

See the Nigerian State where coreuption is part of culture
See the Nigerian State where coreuption is part of culture
The rights organisations were infuriated by the wide jubilation and celebration that greeted the reported release of a former governor of the state, Chief James Ibori, from a prison in the United Kingdom.
Human rights bodies say Delta state has made corruption a culture
Ibori was convicted of acts of corruption as governor of Delta state and was released recently, while reports claim the Nigerian government has begun moves to extradite him back to the country.

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According to the punch, Debo Adeniran, who is the executive chairman of the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL), in his own reaction, said the jubilations among the people of the state, was a confirmation that fraud is a tradition among them.
Quoting his words he said: “It is a demonstration that crime is a
cultural act in that community; it shows that anything that has to do with stealing or theft doesn’t mean a disgraceful act to them; it is a welcome cultural act to them and it has become their tradition.
“That is what they have demonstrated; that theft is their cultural way of life. In other decent communities, stealing and theft and any other form of larceny is a condemnable act, a shameful act that nobody wants to identify with.
“In some decent communities if someone is identified as a thief, he would be ostracised even in his immediate family because they
would see him as a stigma to them and unless he publicly repents and everybody can see that he has shown adequate signs of remorse and soberness he would not be accepted.
What I see that Ibori has become
is a king in a community of thieves.”
Mr. Olanrewaju Suraj, the chairman of the Civil Society Network against corruption in his own views said:   
“That response is rather unfortunate and it was unanimous in the south-south.
“The majority of the people there don’t see their so-called own people as the enemies of the progress of the region.
“This was not about a Nigerian court
convicting Ibori that you can say the trial was politically motivated. He was convicted in the international jurisdiction of stealing the resources of the people of Delta State and Deltans are now celebrating his release.
“It shows you the level of exposure of the people that are there. The most unfortunate part is that subsequent governors after Ibori have failed to make any positive impact in the lives of the people.
“The people have not really seen a
government taking due responsibility for uplifting the standard of the lives of the people beyond the token that the likes of Ibori would hand out to them in terms of gratification or monetary gains.
“If there had been a government to show what real governance is really about, they would have been able to distinguish between real governance and personal gratification.”
The executive Director of the Civil Liberties Organisation,  Ibechukwu Ezike, stated that he wasn’t surprise at the Jubilation since Nigerians are fond of celebrating such acts.

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