Herdsman killed by unknown cattle rustlers

This weekend, at Emu-Ebendo community, Ndokwa west Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria, a Fulani herdsman, killed and impaled in a fish pond by some unknown cattle rustlers.

It was learned that in a bush behind an uncompleted petrol station in the community, the assailants also shot and slaughtered two cows that belongs to herdsman.

According to a security source, the herdsman who is identified as Haruna Mohammed, was shot dead while trying to flee from his assailants, who had earlier opened gunfire at the cows.

The source, according to Vanguard said: “After some hours, one of the herdsmen returned to the bush and could not find his colleague; but he felt he may have gone to take refuge somewhere in the neighbourhood.

He also noticed that two of the cows had been killed.

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“Throughout that Friday his colleague did not return home, so the next day (Saturday) he went to the police station at Abbi to report that his friend was missing.

“The police then followed him into the bush and started looking for the missing herdsman.
After searching for him for a while, they found his corpse that has been inflicted with gunshot in a pond. The corpse was pegged with some sticks in the pond to prevent it from floating to the top of the water.

“Later, the head of the two cows that were killed and their intestines were found at the back of the uncompleted petrol station”.

He also added that, in accordance, to islamic injunction, the corpse of the deceased was taken immediately to Ogowashi-Uku for burial.

Yesterday, Mr. Andrew Aniamaka, police public relations officer, confirmed the incident, saying the matter is under investigation, assuring that those involved in the dastardly act would be brought to book.

Describing the incident as “man’s inhumanity to man”, he appealed to the bereaved party to exercise restraint so as not to take the law
into their hands.

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