[stroy] AFRAID TO LOVE Epispde 5

Purity got home with anger written all over her face. She had fiercely gripped the steering wheel as if it was Jeremy’s neck. If it was, she’d have strangled him. The b—–d not only bumped into her, smashed her phone, he also kissed her- placed his lips on hers and carried her off her feet. He even had the nerve to introduce himself as her fiance. D–n! That Jeremy got some nerve, who the hell does he think he is? But she had to admit- the kiss was really something. She had loved every bit of it. Oh, shut up! She scolded that tiny voice.

“Purity!” she heard her mama call.

She hesitated before turning to answer her mother.

The average woman in her mid-fifties, stared at her only daughter with concern in her eyes. She was all dressed up, probably coming in from an outing.

“What is wrong?” Prudence asked her daughter.

Purity rolled her eyes. “I need to rest, mama. We’ll talk in the morning.”

Prudence’s lips pursed. “Your papa and I were worried sick about you. You called, you wanted to come home. Later, you turned your cell off. What happened?”

Purity sighed. She was in no mood to talk with or to anyone. She just wanted to go into her room, shut the door, think of how to get a new cell and what to do about that Jeremy of a guy and her father. D–n them!

“My cell went bad. It spoilt.” she frowned. “There’s no need for you two to worry about me. I’m okay and can take care of myself. I’m grown up.” she turned to leave.

Prudence was startled at the fact that Purity’s cell went bad. “Your cell? How come? Its your favourite and you are usually careful with your things.”

Purity groaned. “Accidents do happen, don’t they?”

Prudence agreed. “They do. But-”

“Thanks mama. Night.” she trudged to her room.

“At least, look me in the eye.”

Purity kept moving down the hall way.

Prudence wasn’t surprised. This daughter of hers. “Say good night to your father.”

“Do it for me.”

Prudence couldn’t see her daughter anymore. She sighed. What a daughter!




The water kept splashing on her face. She continued scrubbing her lips with a soft foam and soap. She was in the bathroom staring at herself in the mirror as she scrubbed. She made up her mind to wash out every taste of him off her and let them go down the sink. This mistake that had happened would never repeat itself. The b—–d would be out of her life for good. She’d do something the next day. Now, all she had to do was concentrate on getting his scent, taste off her.

Thinking about what he had done to her, taking advantage of her again got her angrier. She too had been stupid to stand there and just let him harass her! She continued scrubbing hard and hard. Her indignant state made her forget she was actually scrubbing her lips.

“Ahhh!” she cried out in pain.

She stared at her image on the mirror. Her lip was bruised, blood oozed out. She touched it and felt instant pain. She squeezed her face. Her finger nail had cut a bit of her flesh. She scowled. Ha! Whatever! She felt she’d done enough washing off. She slid out of her towel and sank into the bath tub.

To be continued

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